GOING to the gym regularly can result in major body transformations – and not just weight loss.

One personal trainer stepped on the scale to prove she weighs a full 50 lbs more than people assume at a glance.

TikTok/ lydiairenee

Lydia Turner is a professional fitness trainer who focuses on building curves[/caption]

TikTok/ lydiairenee

Turner asked a friend to guess her weight, but the estimate was way off[/caption]

Texas-based trainer Lydia Turner (@lydiairenee) coaches women “on inner to outer beauty,” reads her TikTok bio.

That requires deconstructing myths and expectations around weight and health, and Turner was happy to be an example.

In a video, she stood in a locker room, speaking to a friend who ran the camera.

“How much do you think I weigh?” the 5’7 Turner asked. A sly smile on her face hinted at what was to come.

“I think you weigh 165,” the camerawoman speculated.

With just a hint of challenge in her voice, Turner stepped on the scale as she said, “165? Okay.”

After adjusting the scale, Turner read off the resulting number in triumph. “I weigh 215,” she reported.

The camerawoman was in disbelief and captured Turner doing a silly victory dance.

As she spoke, Turner’s friend cut herself off abruptly. “She does not look like – now we see where it went!”

The camerawoman interrupted herself when Turner, mid-dance, spun around, revealing her butt and thighs.

Turner flashed a peace sign, then laughed and covered her face as her friend pointed out the muscles she “discovered.”

“She was hiding it back there,” Turner’s friend joked from behind the camera.

“She was so off,” Turner wrote in the caption, with laughing emojis included at her friend’s expense.

Turner explained that her hard work in the gym lead directly to her deceptive physique.

“I’ve been lifting heavy for six years and am a personal trainer who specializes in crafting curves,” she wrote in a caption.

“And the weight is sitting exactly how it should,” she added.

Commenters bashfully admitted their guesses were off, too – but they also thanked Turner for her honesty.

“I guessed 190. Wow, you look amazing!” one woman wrote. “Thank you for this video because I’ve been stressing that I’m in the 200s.”

Several celebrated the representation on their feeds.

“Yes! Finally, someone with the same body type as me!” a fan cheered.

Most people were happy to see proof that the number on the scale doesn’t matter if you’re happy with your body.

“Umm, I’d NEVER care about the number if I looked that good,” an admirer said. “Be proud girl!”

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