A MID-size mom has proudly showed off her postpartum curves while reminding her followers that all body types deserve love and respect.

Bonnie Wyrick (@bonniewyrick) preaches body positivity while sharing life updates with her 600,000 TikTok followers.


A mid-size mom showed off her curves to inspire other women to learn to love their postpartum bodies[/caption]


The influencer wrote ‘B is for Body’ over a TikTok video of her shaking her hips[/caption]

“My body has changed, but still deserves love and respect,” Wyrick wrote in a recent video.

The mid-size mother showed off her mid-section in a gray two-piece set.

After pulling her pants down from her waist, she turned to the side to show viewers her skin and curves.

She wrote “B is for Body” in text over footage of her shaking her hips.

She captioned the clip with a series of hashtags, including #curvyblogger, #postpartumbody, #size16, and #apronbellystyle.

Her followers offered encouraging words.

“Smile you are the most beautiful girl that l saw today,” one person wrote.

Another person left some inspiring lyrics from Megan Thee Stallion in the comments section.

“BODY ODY ODY ODY,” she cheered.

The influencer’s video utters the reality that many woman in her position face as they navigate pregnancy and motherhood.

From hair loss to weight gain, research suggests that many first-time-mothers are shocked to find out how their physical appearance changes.

Wyrick has provided a refreshing glimmer of hope for those who have struggled with accepting their new bodies.


Wyrick turned to the side to reveal her loose skin following pregnancy[/caption]

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