A MIDSIZE gym girl has a mission to inspire other midsize girls.

Carsyn (@catlifts), a fitness influencer, shared her goal in a video with over 4,000 followers.

Carsyn, a fitness influencer, shared her goal to inspire midsize girls to go to the gym

She stood in the mirror in a black tank top and leggings, amping herself up.

“Posting my gym content all 203 because more midsize girls in the gym community,” she said.

The influencer frequently shares her workout routines and tips, such as one video where she vlogs her squat and leg routine.

She detailed her routine step-by-step for easy access: “1. Barbell squats 4×8 2. Hip thrust 4×10 3. Step ups 3×10 4. Goblet squats 4×10 5. Leg extensions 3×10,” she said.

People shared their thoughts in the comments.

“Yes, please!!!!” said one enthusiastic fan.

“Always love for the curvy or skinny, never for the midsize girls.”

“Girllll you look fab!” encouraged another.

“Right there with you, baby. Get it.”

“Yasss queen,” said a third.

She shared her fitness routine to make it easier for gym beginners

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