A HOOTERS girl has lifted the lid on one of the biggest downsides of the job – and it’s not what you might think.

TikTok user ToniBaloney, who is a waitress for the popular restaurant chain, said there’s one big struggle she and her colleagues face each morning when it comes to putting on their famous uniform. 

A Hooters girl has explained the big struggle she faces each time she works
She said the uniform is hard to put on

Toni, who can be found on the social media platform at @tonybaloney546, took to her profile to show exactly what she meant. 

She uploaded a video under the caption: “Daily struggle of a Hooters girl.”

In the short clip, Toni could be seen getting ready for work as she reached for the iconic white tee with their logo emblazoned in bright orange. 

The video, which has been liked over 68k times, continues as the waitress tries to carefully put it on and pull it down over her body – while keeping her face pointing upwards.  

After a few attempts, the Hooters girl disappears out of shot, and next time she’s on camera, the top is in its perfect place ready to be teamed with the bright orange shorts.

She’s then ready to head out to the restaurant floor and start serving. 

As her followers asked for more information on why she found it so difficult to put on and came up with their own theories, Toni took to the comment section to explain.

She wrote: “Y’all it’s a funny joke, chill.

“I’m talking about the struggle of putting a tight shirt on while not staining it with your make-up.” 

As one of her followers suggested she did her make-up after she put her uniform on, Toni said the problem still stands. 

She continued: “If I get dressed and go make-up, make-up spills and powder gets everywhere.” 

She added: “Every time I stain my shirt I have to buy a new one.”

However Toni was quick to clarify: “Also I’m not complaining about my job.

“I love it and it’s fun.” 

Elsewhere in the comment section, people were also keen to find out more about her position at the legendary eatery. 

One person asked: “Is the pay good?”

To which Toni replied: “It depends. We don’t make hourly, just tips.

She added: “Thursday, Friday, Sat and Sun are good days to make money.” 

This comes after a fellow Hooters girl opened up about how she can make over $1000 in tips in just one week. 

The waitress said she loves working at Hooters

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