A FITNESS fan has shared her secret tip to give her bottom an extra oomph in her shorts.

The self-love advocate showed viewers how she gave her booty an extra lift with her quick trick.

Fitness fan Mic is a wellness enthusiast and gym girl
She showed viewers how to make biker shorts shorter and lift the butt

Exercise enthusiast Mic (@micvfit) is all about fitness, wellness, and body positivity.

On her TikTok, she normally posts workout tips, athleisure fashion, and relatable moments in her life.

In a video on the platform, she gave some ” tips n tricks for gym girls,” according to her video caption.

In this particular video, she told her audience about her “scrunch” top to fix long boxer shorts.

It began with the content creator standing in front of the camera standing in an empty gym studio.

She wore a chic and stylish burgundy shorts workout set that showed off her muscular build.

The brunette turned to show off her side profile and backside before once again facing forward to demonstrate the fashion hack.

Mic first pulls the fabric of the shorts on her right leg up and adjusts it in the middle of her thighs so they’re even.

The subtitle over her head read: “Scrunch those biddies up to give the booty an extra lift.”

She then turned to show off her bottom again and tugged up at the waistline.

Many people offered their own thoughts about the simple trick in the comment section.

“I cut mine bc it was too extra material around the crotch area lol when I moved it up! riskyyyy lolol,” one viewer commented.

“My brand doesn’t let me do this? if I pull them up the waistline rides up higher and goes on my ribs. How do I stop this??” another inquired.

“Needed this thank you queen,” an admirer wrote.

She told her viewers to ‘scrunch those biddies up’ to give her booty a lift

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