A GRANDMA in her fifties got negative feedback for dressing how she wants but she’s not going to let it stop her.

Fatos Fatma (@factsfatma), a 54-year-old grandma, shared her outfit in a video with over 191,000 TikTok followers.

Fatos, a 54-year-old grandma, received hate comments for her outfits
TikTok/ factsfatma

She sported leggings and a lace camisole, but unfortunately, not everyone was pleased with her choice of outfit.

She added the hashtags #over50 #54andfabulous.

“You need to stop dressing like this and posting videos on TikTok at your age,” said one critic.

“You’re embarrassing yourself.”

She didn’t let that faze her, however.

She mocked the comment using lyrics from an Eminem song.

“You’re a mean, mean man,” she mouthed.

She brushed off the troll and danced to the song to show how little she cared about what they thought.

People took to the comments to support her.

“Nope don’t stop,” agreed one viewer.

“You’re gorgeous and if you feel good doing this then getter done.”

“Nope, you’re gorgeous. I love it,” said another.

“Gooo gooo over 50.”

“You need to carry on posting,” suggested a third.

“More is better.”

The grandma shook off the ‘mean’ comments and danced happily instead
TikTok/ factsfatma

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