A SELF-proclaimed country girl makes a living creating TikTok content using her tractor as a prop.

TikTok user @nottaylorbreesey has racked up over 130,000 followers and 1million likes for her farming content.


Tiktoker @nottaylorbressey makes a living creating content on her farm[/caption]


Taylor keeps her followers intrigued by not revealing her face in any of her videos[/caption]


Taylor uses her tractor as a prop in some of her videos[/caption]

Though the blonde bombshell hasn’t revealed her face in any of her videos, she doesn’t shy away from showing off her amazing body shape.

Taylor typically sports a low-cut crop top with denim shorts and a cowboy hat that covers the top half of her face.

In some of her other videos, she can be seen wearing a bikini topped with a flannel.

Her short clips give followers a peak at what she does on her farm without giving away too much.

Taylor often struts toward or away from the camera, climbs onto her tractor, or jumps on bales of hay.

The videos are accompanied by cheeky questions open to interpretation, and her followers revel in it.

One video reads: “POV you pick me up and I show you a few of my best passenger seat skills.”

Followers gushed in the comments with heart emojis and cheesy pick-up lines.

In a recent video, Taylor is dressed in a low-cut black crop top, denim shorts, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a red flannel tied around her waist.

The caption reads: “What a time to be alive,” with a series of hashtags including #supportsmallbiz #farmtok #tractortok #countrygirls #farmersdaughter.

While text across the video says: “Just imagine making a living with a tractor without ever even having to drive it.”

Her followers didn’t hesitate to drown her in compliments.

One follower expressed their infatuation: “I love a pretty country girl.”

Another commented: “Absolutely beautiful.”

“I’ll farm with you any day,” someone else assured.

@nottaylorbreesey has previously informed her followers that she creates content to support her farm and the animals that live on it.

“Will create videos so my horses can have hay and shoes,” she wrote in one video.

“When he didn’t like your fun side career, but it ain’t bf season anyway,” reads the text across a different video.

Taylor is one of many content creators that use their farms as inspiration.

@haz_mosss on the app is a proud country girl from Leicestershire who gets her hands dirty while tending to her farm.

@itsthatkiwigirl documents the fun that comes along with working on a farm.

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