ONE farm girl put in work outside the fields and in the gym.

Abby showed off her toned body as an update on her exercise progress, and people thought she looked perfect.

Farm girl Abby showed off her gym progress
She showed how her butt and legs looked at first

Abby posted a video on her TikTok (@adderall_abby), and viewers went ballistic with the compliments.

The certified country lover hid her face in the corner, a seemingly strange thing for her to do.

Typically, Abby doesn’t shy away from giving her followers a full view of her looks.

But this post wasn’t about exposing her face, only her body.

“Show your gym progress,” Abby’s caption read.

She waited until the beat dropped to switch the photo.

First, the blonde revealed a mirror picture of her in front of a bathroom sink.

Abby was turned around, but her upper body was shifted to face the mirror.

The shape and size of her butt were visible through her gray workout leggings.

In the second picture, Abby’s progress was evident.

She was in the same position but in the gym mirror.

Abby’s butt had grown, as well as her thigh muscles.

The fitness fan wore light blue shorts and a white workout top.

“Growth,” she proclaimed.

Impressed viewers complimented Abby’s progression.

“Keep it up! You’re doing great,” one fan exclaimed.

A dramatic individual joked: “It was like a jump scare.”

“Perfection,” one forward man said.

“You go, girl,” another supporter commented.

This is Abby’s updated body progress

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