A FARMER’S daughter thinks that country girls do it better and she’s down to prove it.

Aoife Brennan, a lifestyle content creator, shared an outfit video with over 59,000 TikTok followers.


Aoife, a farmer’s daughter, believes that farm girls do it better and she’s here to prove it[/caption]

The blonde showed off her style in a going out ensemble that had people showering her with compliments.

She rocked her hair in a high ponytail, complete with a black bodycon dress, bomber jacket, and a full face of makeup.

“#Farmersdaughter #dairyqueen #cowgirlsdoitbetter,” she said.

People seemed to agree.

“So beautiful,” said one commenter.

Others littered her comments box with heart and flower emojis.

Other farm and country girls definitely agree with Aoife’s sentiments.

Another farm girl who owns her farm, lives life freely and does whatever she wants.

She feeds the animals on her ranch in a bikini because life on the farm is so laidback she can do anything her heart desires.

“I really love farm life,” one commenter wrote. “Stress-free with all those animals and birds.”

She was met with some criticism but calmly explained the situation.

“The farm is mine so I don’t need to wear formal clothes to work there,” she said.


She rocked a full face of makeup and a form-fitting dress[/caption]

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