A PROUD mama and country girl is showing off her snazzy dance skills and social media users are loving it.

Posting to her TikTok account, Holly Marie shared her moves.

A proud mom has shared her dance moves with social media
TikTok users are loving it

She snapped her fingers and twirled around to the beat of Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl” while throwing her arms in the air.

She did a little shimmy and kicked her feet out.

“My new fave song,” Holly added in her caption.

One person was obsessed with how she looked.

“Looking amazing,” they added in the comments.

Previously, a country girl who works at Hooters shared her ‘two step Tuesdays’ dance with her followers.

The woman, who goes by @alwaysaysia on social media, did an elaborate dance that involved a two-step.

Clad in a Hooters top and jean short shorts, she did a series of dance moves.

“Two step Tuesdays >>>>>>>” she wrote in her TikTok video’s caption.

Some people expressed that they were seriously impressed by her moves.

“Damn girl,” one wrote.

“Great moves,” a second added.

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