AMERICANS spend over 93 hours a year on average driving — and car trash is a common side-effect of all this time behind the wheel.

Fortunately, TikTok creator and cleaning whizz Mai posted a video showing how she moved on from her vehicle’s mini garbage can to bigger and better disposal methods.


TikTok creator Mai has an affordable and easy-to-install solution for vehicle trash[/caption]


Mai said that her old car trash can’s low capacity motivated her to make a change[/caption]

Mai starts her TikTok by showing her vehicle’s small garbage can and saying: “The trash situation in my car is really starting to p**s me off.”

Mai’s decision to use a new car waste management method was primarily motivated by her role as a mom to three kids.

This cleaning pro noted that her children probably wouldn’t like a garbage bag hanging over a front seat in front of them, but she still needed to contain their trash.

Instead of settling for limited garbage can capacity, this TikTok creator went shopping for Velcro and a larger disposal bin.

Mai selected industrial-strength Velcro to ensure her trash can didn’t get unattached when fasted to her car.

After gathering necessary supplies, Mai applied Velcro to her front passenger’s seat lower-left side before attaching the trash can.

While Mai’s new car trash can is larger than her previous variety, she shows there’s still enough legroom for a front passenger to sit comfortably.

Mai is then displayed detaching the trash basket with little to no effort to demonstrate how easily you can throw out the bin’s garbage.

Viewers of Mai’s TikTok were quick to share their own car trash management tips in the video’s comment section.

One TikTok user wrote: “I put a plastic bag around by gear stick for trash.

“It keeps the bag upright so trash won’t spill out.”

Another viewer commented: “My dad always told me to treat my car like a campground.

“What I bring in comes out every time we get out. Weird habit I still do.”


Mai shown attaching Velcro to the bottom-left portion of her car’s front passenger seat[/caption]


Mai used industrial-strength Velcro to help ensure her trash can didn’t detach and spill[/caption]

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