WITH summer just around the corner, we all know how hard it is to keep our make-up from sliding straight off of our face in the heat of the sun. 

But a make-up artist has revealed the tricks of the trade that will keep it firmly in place, and looking flawless all day long. 


A make-up artist has shared how to keep your make-up flawless in the summer months[/caption]

TikTok beauty expert @marthas_makeup has uploaded a brand new video sharing her secrets with her 247,000 social media followers in a post entitled: “Sweat-proof make-up.”

The clip begins with Martha saying: “Summer is coming and we are sweating. And the make-up… gone!

“I know this because I sweat like a pig, I really do. So how do you keep make-up in place throughout the summer?

“A few really cool hacks I learned during my courses save the day. I always tell them to my brides, and I use them myself on summer days.” 

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As ever, Martha maintains that preparation is key when it comes to sweat-proofing your make-up.

She explains: “Number one, obviously, moisturising and using a primer that is smoothing or mattifying. It will help the foundation not slide off your face.”

Next, it’s on to the actual products and how to apply them. Martha continues: “Tapping the tiniest bit of powder on your face before applying foundation will kind of block those excess oils.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to your foundation, Martha says that in summer “less is more.”

She adds: “If you don’t need a foundation, use a tinted moisturiser. Then set your make-up both with powder and with a setting spray.”

But it’s her fifth and final tip that Martha says is the most important of all – and could cause controversy among beauty fans. 

The make-up expert concludes: “And then throughout the day, listen hear me out, carry a paper towel in your bag.

“Throughout the day when you start sweating, first tap the paper towel on your face, stop it to remove the sweat, oils and anything.

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“Then touch up your make-up with powder. It will make the biggest difference. I promise you that. 

“If you just touch up with powder, it will just mix with the sweat and the oils and look disgusting. 

“[But] if you get rid of the sweat first and then top up with powder, your make-up will be fixed.”

Martha says there are five steps to ensuring your make-up remains in place
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