A GRANDAD has discovered he’s been spelling his name wrong his whole life – and it only took 61 YEARS to realise.

Allan Grainger’s family were left in stitches after discovering his birth certificate.


Allan made the hilarious discovery after glancing at his birth certficate[/caption]

For 61-years Allan Grainger never knew he was in fact an ‘Alan’ with one ‘L’

To their astonishment, they found he is officially named ‘Alan’.

But Allan’s been adding an extra ‘L’ his whole life – and even has the assumed spelling etched on two tattoos on his body.

The factory worker from Derbyshire could not believe it when he made the discovery.

And what’s more, even his parents had been spelling his name wrong all this time.

Incredibly, all of his official paperwork over the years – including his wedding certificate and driving licence – have had the father-of-two’s name down as Allan.

His misspelt name is tattooed across both his hand and the other on his arm – both with the added ‘L’.

After posting his case of misspelt identity online – people rushed to share their own stories of being known by the wrong name.

One Instagram user said: “I’ve always written my name as one word only to find out 4-years ago my name is hyphenated.”

While another chimed: “My nan only found out her name was actually Jean not Margaret when she needed her birth certificate to get married.”

And a third revealed how her dad, officially named ‘Stephen’ by his birth certificate has always gone with ‘Stephan’.


A tattoo on the back of the grandad’s hand is a second etching of his misspelt first name[/caption]


He even has not one but two tattoos clarifying his assumed ‘Allan’ name[/caption]

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