THIS daughter had been accused of fraud after she used her mom’s Costco card at self-checkout with viewers saying it happened to them too.

Temo (@tvmoo_) on TikTok shared a frustrating experience she had at the wholesale store.


This daughter was accused of fraud after she used her mom’s Costco card at self-checkout[/caption]


Viewers said the same thing happened to them at the wholesale store[/caption]

In the video, Temo shows a self-checkout machine that has timed out while it waits for employee assistance.

The screen reads: “Please wait, help is on the way.”

She then pans over to her cart filled with groceries.

Temo claimed that she used her mom’s Costco card at the self-checkout lane when it was declined for “fraudulent activity.”

She claimed that she had to wait 20 minutes on the phone with three people to confirm that she was at Costco and that her mom “authorizes the transaction.”

Viewers sympathized with Temo as this same debacle happened to them as well.

“Costco did the same thing to me. Used my mom’s card and declined it,” the viewer commented.

“They are so strict about it. that’s why I prefer going to Sam’s [Club].”

Another said: “I was buying goldfish with my dad’s Costco card and they escorted me out and didn’t let me buy the goldfish and flagged his account for fraud.”

Others understood Temo’s frustration as well.

“Costco does too much when it comes to the membership card,” one viewer wrote with rolling eye emojis.

Another said: “My mom literally birthed me out like Costco, just let me use my mom’s card plz.”

One TikToker shared his experience at a Walmart self-checkout, where he proved his innocence after being accused of stealing a rotisserie chicken.

He explained in his video how an employee had to put his code into the scanner so that he could check out his purchase.

The U.S. Sun has approached Costco for comment.

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