A SOCIAL media page has the same name as Kylie Jenner’s son and people are saying she copied it.

Aire Wellness, a Los Angeles-based health and wellness page, reacted to the name Kylie picked out for her son in a video shared with TikTok followers.


A health and wellness page beat Kylie to the punch for her son’s name[/caption]

“POV you have the same name as Kylie Jenner‘s son,” they said.

The page took the coincidence in stride, proudly touting their matching names.

“Aire babyyy,” they said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

While the page may be proud to share the same name, a few viewers were less generous.

Some claimed that Kylie copied the name.

“You don’t have the same name as Kylie’s son,” said one viewer.

“Kylie’s son has the same name as you, get it right queen.”

Others had questions about the unique name.

“Is it pronounced ‘air?’” asked one confused commenter.

“Yes! She commented that it’s air,” clarified one respond.

“Billion-aire,” joked a third.

Kylie changed her son’s name from Wolf to Aire
TikTok / @airewellness

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