INFLUENCERS are known for showing off their creative side as they turn their old bikinis into skimpy swimwear.

One TiKToker, known as Tiffany, jazzed up the pants that she had stored away ahead of the summer season.


Tiffany turned her old bikini pants into new outfits[/caption]


But, not all viewers were thrilled about her savvy hack[/caption]

In a viral clip, she grabbed a pair of bikini bottoms from two swimwear sets.

First, she slipped her entire body through the first strap of the beige pants before only putting her head through the second.

Tiffany repeated the same process when it came to the pink pants.

The material overlapped each other, creating a new look, and didn’t expose too much of her cleavage.

Tiffany then turned a pair of pants with butterflies on them into a skimpy bikini top.

She told fans: “Literally I’m so obsessed with this one. It’s so good.”

She then transformed plain-looking pink pants into a micro bikini.

Micro bikinis are tiny swimwear outfits that cover very little.

Tiffany’s cleavage was left exposed and the stretchy fabric barely covered her chest.

TikTokers pointed out that the viral hack would only suit those with a smaller chest.

One said: “Step one: have small boobs.”

Another posted: “My 34js could never”, while a third viewer commented: “Not the best tip for girlies that have more than a C cup.”

But, fans seemed to be impressed with the cheap hack as the clip has been liked more than 7,000 times.

Meanwhile, fashionista and stylist Christie Moeller has shared tips on how women can turn saggy-looking bikini bottoms into new sexy swimwear.

She used a needle and heavy-duty thread as part of the sprucing-up process.

Christie revealed in a TikTok clip: “All you need is a little ruching and some scrunch between the cheeks.”

The stylist told fans: “Start by turning your bikini bottoms inside out. Now draw a line down the middle of the behind.”

“Starting from the top, using that line as a guide, you’re going to do a quick in and out stitch.”

“The further down you go the more dramatic the effect will be.”

Christie pulled the string tightly before cutting the thread and tying a few knots to secure it.

The clever hack was branded a “game changer” by thrilled fans.

But, you don’t always need a needle and thread when it comes to jazzing up your swimwear.

The U.S. Sun reported how plus-sized fashion enthusiast Kristine tried out the viral hack.

And, fashionista Alexa was left stunned when she realized how tiny the Skims viral micro bikini actually was.


One of Tiffany’s looks involved a bikini that was created from different colored pants[/caption]


Personal stylist Christie Moeller has shared how women can create new outfits using their bikini bottoms[/caption]

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