WHEN it comes to out-of-the-box wine, the options might seem limited but TikTok users swear by Aldi’s $4 wine that comes in five flavors.

Retail influencer Matthew Lesky (@matthewlesky) couldn’t help but test out the viral, fruit-inspired wine.


Retail influencer Matthew Lesky tried the viral $4 wine from Aldi[/caption]


The wine was purchased from global retail supermarket, Aldi[/caption]

His recent TikTok has helped wine-lovers narrow down their favorite aroma.

The wine was purchased from Aldi, a global retail supermarket chain that is stocked with excellent deals on grocery items.

“This is mind-blowing,” Lesky began, pointing to the five bottles in front of him.

“Reality can be whatever I want it to be.”

Lesky showed his followers the different wine options – watermelon, peach, mango, blueberry, and pineapple.

The wine-connoisseur poured himself a glass, beginning with the watermelon flavor.

He noted that watermelon typically doesn’t elicit a strong taste but he was pleasantly surprised with this one.

“Really good. Very smooth. Not too sweet,” he said.

The next sample was sweet mango, which Lesky called a “very polarizing flavor.”

He admitted that it was much better than he expected before moving on to sweet peach.

“This might be my favorite so far,” Lesky said.

“It’s not very sweet, but maybe that’s why I love it, because you can drink more of it.”

Blueberry is Lesky’s favorite fruit and Aldi’s rendition of it did not disappoint Lesky.

“I would mix real fruit into this because that is phenomenal,” the wine-lover said.

Lesky’s followers are already well aware of his love for the pineapple flavor, so he didn’t bother to pop the cork on that one.

While each of the flavors impressed Lesky, there is a twist.

Unfortunately, to get their hands on a bottle, some people might have to make a road trip as Aldi does not sell alcohol in every state.

“The downside of living in PA, no alcohol at Aldi,” one disappointed follower commented.

“I wish NY Aldi sold these,” another TikTok user wrote.

Some hinted at even more flavors to try out.

“The Fall Apple is amazing!” one person said.

If red and white is getting a bit repetitive, Aldi could be the next place to turn for a delicious, and cost-effective selection of fine wines.


Lesky adored all five of the fruit-inspired wine flavors[/caption]


Unfortunately, Aldi only sells wine at select stores across the United States[/caption]

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