A PERSONAL trainer earns herself an extra £1,000 a month from men who pay her to be mean to them.

Lana runs a side hustle receiving money and gifts from ‘paypigs’ – men who enjoy being ‘financially dominated‘.

Lana talks to paypigs who sent her money for their pleasure
Her paypigs provide all of Lana’s personal upkeep such as hair, nails and makeup

The woman in this dynamic is called a ‘findom‘ – someone who receives cash from financially ‘submissive’ men.

Lana, 39, is a full-time personal trainer but uses her ‘findom’ alter ego to make an extra £1,000 a month on average.

Her earnings are mainly given in the form of gifts, from £1,500 luxury hair extensions to personal training sessions worth more than £2,000.

She told The Sun Online: “The most expensive gift I was ever given was personal training sessions worth about £2,500 and I had to bully him to get it.

“I used to do cash point meet ups, one guy wanted to meet me at B&Q, he came up the aisle and got down on his knees – in the middle of B&Q – and I just had to degrade him.

“Tell him to get off the floor and that he was a piece of s**t and march him around the store shouting profanities at him in front of everyone like a scorned boyfriend.

“We got out of the store and wanted me to slap him in the face with a shoe – and then he gave me £150.

“But most of them want to dress up like women and do things. Since lockdown there’s been a massive kink about them wanting to be rented out to other men.”

Her favourite ‘pig’ is a man Lana has known for about four years.

“He will say ‘can I have a slap’ and pretty much just gives me everything when I ask for it. Lots of gifts. I don’t go over a month without a gift,” she said.

“So far I’ve had trainers and a Versace hat, Botox, tattoos, loads of AliExpress.”

“I’ve got three pairs of Christian Louboutins, £1,000 Versace handbag, holidays, flights paid for – I went to Chicago for a month.

“They buy me so much lingerie, they love it. I love it when they pay for experiences, one paid for me and a friend to go to the Nirvana Spa.”

Paypigs also pay for upkeep to Lana’s hair, makeup and nails.

“I’ve had £700 hair extensions paid for, even up to £1,500 hair paid for,” she said.

“They pay for my botox, they like to maintain my upkeep.

“On a bad month I’ll get around £300 but on a good month I can get anywhere from £1,000 to £2,000.

“It’s just to have the extra things in life that I don’t have to pay for.”


“You’ve got two types, you’ve got the ones who like you to talk nicely to them,” she said.

“The other type literally just want me to be horrible to them – they want me to say they’re a piece of s***t, I can’t f***ing stand you, you’re lower than the s**t on my shoe.

“They like you to completely belittle and degrade them.

“They like to be manipulated even though it’s a game, it’s all a game to them – I’ll be nasty then I’ll be nice and then he will just give me whatever I want paid for.

“If I’m honest I prefer being mean, I’m the nicest person in real life but when it comes to being a dominant I’m horrible – it’s like another persona for me.

“Builders are quite into it and labourers, its more middle class, it’s not 50 Shades of Grey, I think a lot of people think it’s Christian Grey but it’s not it’s your average Joe.

“Sometimes they don’t get much at all but they still want to do it.

“The ones who like to give money rather than pay for gifts are the high powered men who work in high power jobs.

“I’ve got one pig who likes to send me voice messages through the talking pig emoji feature and wink at me.”


But Lana did warn anyone thinking about dipping their toes in the industry.

“There is a risk element here, there are girls who are going out and doing a lot more than I am, inviting men to their houses which isn’t safe,” she said.

“It’s not that easy, a lot of work goes into it.”

Her most expensive gift was £2.5K worth of personal training sessions
There is no nudity involved in the findom kink, according to Lana

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