SOMETIMES the right angle can completely change your entire look.

TikTok user Maddy Davies showed her followers the dramatic change in her appearance when she turns to the side.

TikTok user Maddy Davies showed her viewers her hourglass figure from the side

“No, I’m not flat but also yes. I am flat,” Maddy explained in the caption of her video.

The influencer showed her followers a side view of her physique.

“Point of View: You have an hourglass from the side” she detailed in the clip.

Maddy’s boobs and bum are clearly visible under her blue sweatpants and a cropped gray top.

However, when the TikToker turned to the front her curves seemed to disappear. 

The blonde beauty looked exasperated as she showed her slim figure to her followers.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the difference.

“Mine is the opposite. From the front, I have an hourglass figure but from the side my tummy ruins everything,” one viewer said.

Another follower wrote that she has the “exact same figure.”

“Finally, I’m not the only one,” commented a third person.


The influencer gave her followers a front view to demonstrate how her curves disappeared[/caption]

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