THIS woman had tried the viral TikTok trend to find a man at Home Depot, which surprised her, but not in a good way.

The TikToker who goes by Latin Kitty (@latinkittty) went to the home improvement store in hopes of finding a new flame.

TikTok/ latinkittty

This woman tried the viral TikTok trend to find a man at Home Depot[/caption]

TikTok/ latinkittty

The TikToker tried to get the men’s attention at the store[/caption]

The video started with the woman walking into the store with the words: “When they tell you to go to home depot to find guys,” written on the screen.

She then showed off the men in the store – most wearing simple jeans and T-shirts with work boots.

The song My Type by rapper Saweetie was played in the background to liven the mood.

The TikToker then filmed herself pretending to reach for an item that she couldn’t get to.

“Not me trying to act like I need help,” she wrote on the screen with a laughing emoji.

She didn’t seem that impressed after the experience, writing in the caption: “Med. Maybe a diff location?”

The woman then decided to do a follow-up video.

This time she would get more dolled up to visit the store, wearing a nice blouse and blazer instead of the biker shorts she wore in the first video.

It’s unclear if she actually did go to a different Home Depot location than the first time.

The woman appeared to catch more men’s attention as she got their stares on camera.

She jokingly said in the caption of this video: “Which one asked for my number?”

Viewers said that while women may go to Home Depot to pick up guys, men go to Target to find a girlfriend.

One commenter said: “I go to target to find women.”

“Or you can go to Starbucks lol,” someone replied.

To which the TikTok user responded: “There’s a Starbucks in Target. This isn’t my first rodeo. C’mon now!”

One viewer gave hope to single women.

“I found my husband at Home Depot.. we been together for 8 years,” she said.

Someone else joked: “Can’t send hubby to HD anymore.”

The banter continued with another spouse commenting: “I’ll send my husband, no refund.”

TikTok/ latinkittty

Ater visiting Home Depot for the second time, the woman appeared to get more looks from men[/caption]

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