A BUSTY woman has revealed exactly why she is so confident in her skin.

She said, despite what the haters say about big boobs, she knows her body is perfect.

Brittni is a digital content creator from New York City
She shared photos in her favorite looks, showcasing her figure
She posted the video in response to a troll tweet (pictured)

Brittni (@presidentcrybaby) is a New York City-based digital content creator.

She took to TikTok to share why she is comfortable and confident in her skin.

First, she shared a screenshot of an offending tweet from a troll account.

Big boobs make clothes look cheap no matter what,” the post read. “Small boobs look so classy in everything.”

Brittni shared several shots of herself in various glamorous and upscale looks.

First, she wore a long red dress with a slit on the side and topped it off with bold red lipstick.

She dazzled in a yellow and orange matching set which showed off her fabulous physique.

She posed for mirror selfies as well, including one in a tube top and another in a crop top.

Finally, she turned heads in a multi-colored blue, pink, red, yellow, and green matching set.

“Haters gonna hate,” she wrote in the caption. “But I know my body is perfect.”

Fans of the look shared their two cents in the comment section.

“That tweet is so loud and so wrong,” one wrote.

“You look stunning,” another commented.

“As a little chest girl, I read that and was flabbergasted,” a third commented. “Our bodies are beautiful and not meant to be shamed because of the amount of tissue on us.”

“Literally,” Brittni replied.

She posed for a mirror selfie in a flattering tube top
She stunned in a multicolored dress while posing outside
Brittni dazzled in an ombré yellow and orange two piece set

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