THIS woman with big boobs had tried on the viral TikTok bra that you can wear with any top and she said it did not disappoint.

Midsize fashion TikToker Emily Lau Kim specializes in sizes eight to 16.

Emily Lau Kim demonstrated the effects of the viral strapless bra
Emily first showed herself without the bra on

In a video posted to her TikTok account, she tested out the viral Misses Kisses bra ($157).

This bra proved to be a winning hack for busty fashionistas wanting to wear strapless dresses.

Emily modeled the bra by first trying it on over her dress so that viewers could see how it fits over her body.

The bra is made up of two pads connected with a wire that runs underneath your boobs.

It comes in three lengths, depending on how low you want the wire – shallow, moderate, and deep.

Emily first showed viewers her strapless dress before she put on the bra.

She then tried on the bra with the dress.

Emily was stunned at how good she looked with the bra on.

The bra lifted her boobs up and revealed more cleavage.

In the caption of the video, Emily said she tried the viral bra and “was NOT disappointed,” with a flushed face emoji.

Viewers flocked to the comments to show support for the viral clothing piece.

“The placement of the metal bar makes more sense like this!” one commenter wrote, referring to the metal bar that keeps the viral bra in place.

“Thank you so much for sharing this with us,” another wrote.

“You look absolutely stunning!”

One viewer asked: “Does it stay in? Like if you’re dancing?”

“Yes because the metal bar is adjustable,” Kim replied.

“So if you want it more sturdy you can push the bar closer together.”

Another busty TikToker revealed her favorite strapless bra as a size 16 with a 38DDD chest.

She said the bra has the best support ever and it’s so comfortable.

She then modeled her dress with the bra underneath

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