A BIG-BUSTED woman has opened up about her struggle with having size 38i boobs. 

TikTok user Nicole Anderson regularly posts videos on the social media platform about her life and body.

A woman has opened up about having size 38i boobs
She said it was hard to understand unless you were in the same position

In one of her most recent posts, Nicole, whose TikTok profile can be found at @nicoleandersonn__, shared the reality of having such a large cup size. 

Alongside a video of her looking into the camera, Nicole told her 20.9k followers that others wouldn’t understand what she means unless they were in the same boat.

Nicole then wrote alongside the clip things that she’d heard people say about their own figures – and what she really thought about it. 

She wrote: “I wish I didn’t have DD boobs.

“I want to be flat chested, nothing looks nice, I hate having big boobs.”

All the while, Anastacia’s song ‘To Be Left Outside Alone’ played in the background, including lyrics such as “And I wonder if you know how it really feels…” 

The footage then cut to another frame of Nicola looking seriously unimpressed by the previous statement. 

And the mum-of-one was quick to explain why. 

The social media user, who works as a make-up artist, then wrote: “Me size 38i.” 

Fellow big-chested social media users were quick to reach out to Nicole and tell her that they know how she feels.

One wrote: “Me as a H to my C cup mate.”

Another added: “Literally me being an F.”

As a third commented that they got what she was saying as they are a H cup. 

Meanwhile, another person wrote: “I’m size dd and I’m in middle school.

“I don’t need anymore.” 

Somebody else said they could totally see her point of view, as they wrote: “I do tho.”

While another big-busted woman tagged her friend and said she knew how much she struggled day to day.

She wrote: “When you stand behind me and hold them up so they don’t hurt my back.”

However others were quick to reach out and say they were in the same boat

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