A CURVY woman is unable to wear leggings at work because of her body shape.

Lulu, a lifestyle content creator, shared her frustrations in a video with her TikTok followers.

Lulu, a lifestyle content creator, shared her struggles as a curvy woman

The content creator, who works in Utah, felt that she struggled to fit into the work culture there.

She innocently wore leggings to work one day, only to be hit with some pushback.

“When Sally wears leggings to work everyday but the moment I do they send out a dress code reminder email,” she said.

“B**** we don’t want the recipe to your mom’s peach cobbler b****,” she lip-synched, using an audio to voice her annoyance.

She argued that she can’t help the way her body looks.

“Oh the curvy Latina struggles,” she said.

“Sorry HR, but I’m naturally built this way.”

Other women shared similar struggles of being dress-coded for what they felt was something out of their control.

J, another TikToker, took to the social media platform to air out her frustrations.

 “It’s cool when they do it, it’s a problem when I do it…” she said, using audio to voice her concerns.

“Curvy girls getting in trouble for violating school dress codes every day,” she said.

She wore leggings to work but got backlash for it despite other coworkers being able to get away with it

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