A 56-YEAR-OLD mom dressed up like her daughter and people agree that women shouldn’t have to “dress their age.”

Sisters Emma and Flori (@the.sisofficial) styled their mom in a video shared with over 300,000 TikTok followers.

Two daughters styled their mom because they thought she shouldn’t have to ‘dress her age’

The duo shared their mission with their mom’s transformation.

“Dressing mom like me because women shouldn’t have to ‘dress their age,’” they said.

Mom walked out in an outfit that was more her usual vibe — a striped T-shirt, brown pants, and glasses.

On her return, however, Mom brought not just a new look, but newfound confidence.

She strutted into the room in a brown dress, styled with a black belt, matching knee-boots, gloves, and sunglasses.

Her daughters were proud of their mom for stepping out of her comfort zone.

“56!! Dress as you wish ladies #womensupportingwomen,” they said.

People in the comments showered her with praise as well.

“Okay but she SLAYED,” said one commenter.

“Gorgeous,” said another.

“She is FINEEEE,” agreed one viewer.

“DAMN MAMA,” said a third.


Mom flaunted her new look confidently[/caption]

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