A MAKEUP-guru has showed off five TJ Maxx finds from a recent haul, including makeup she got at a deep discount.

Sydney Everhart (@sydneyrenayeverhart) is known for her incredible shopping steals and beauty tips.


Makeup pro Sydney Everhart posted a haul of her recent budget-friendly beauty products from T.J. Maxx[/caption]


The beauty expert found a heavily discounted Morphe lipstick[/caption]

In a recent TikTok, the blond bombshell encouraged her followers to hunt for beauty bargains outside typical stores.

“Let this be your reason to grab your bestie and go to T.J. Maxx this week,” she said in the clip.

The first item in her video was a blue beauty blender.

“I love the feel of the real ones, they’re just a little expensive, so when I saw this for $10 versus $20 I had to get it,” she said.

Next, Everhart picked out Morphe lipstick in the shade vocal.

“Wait till you see the color!” she teased.

The influencer couldn’t stop gushing about the bright pink, feminine color.

“It looks so pretty for V-day,” she added.

She purchased the lipstick for $4.99 at T.J. Maxx, and said it retails on Morphe’s Canadian website for $14.

The next product was the Glossier monochrome essential eye shadow trio in the shade teak.

The makeup-guru admitted that she does not do her eyeshadow often.

“On the very few occasions that I do my eye shadow – which I’m trying to get back into – I use brown, so this was perfect,” she said.

At just $9.99, the eyeshadow was over 50percent off its original price.

Everhart realized she would need somewhere to store all her makeup, and it also wouldn’t hurt to throw some skincare products in the bundle.

She decided to purchase small storage containers pre-stocked with cotton pads, cotton balls, and cotton swabs.

“I like how I can reuse the organizers and fill everything up,” she told her followers.

The final item featured in her haul was Morphe eyelashes in the style ‘Go and Fake it.’

At only $2 off, she realized that it was not the best bargain out there.

However, she also explained that she has not been able to find this particular style at any other store.

“I am so excited to try this style,” she concluded.

Not everyone was impressed with their local T.J. Maxx’s makeup selection as prices and products vary by store.

“In my local stores none of the makeup is intact it’s rare to find one undamaged ur so lucky,” one person commented.

Another person was hopeful that they could hunt for the same bargains.

“I hope I can find all these things tomorrow,” they wrote.

Everhart’s suggestions are sure to help guide some shoppers eager to find the best beauty deals.


She scored a Glossier eyeshadow palette[/caption]


Everhart realized she would need a new storage space to keep her makeup organized[/caption]


She also found a blue beauty blender for a great price[/caption]


The influencer had looked for these eyelashes at multiple stores before finding them at T.J. Maxx[/caption]

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