A HOME renovator has shared amazing DIY bathroom transformation.

Homewiththedenhams Paula + Jack shares Home renovations and interior design. 


Paula turned her bathroom for drab to fab with a little bit of DIY[/caption]


Paula transformed her bathroom for £164 using paint, some marker tape and a grout pen[/caption]

In a video online Paula shared her budget bathroom transformation that cost her just £165.

She said: “Here’s how I transformed this bathroom £165.”

First Paula painted her shower frame black. 

She said: “I used Zinsser All-Coat paint on the chrome shower frame, it needed four coats in total.”

Next she taped the frame and added some tiles to her bathroom floor.

“I used electrical tape and added tiles from Amazon and added accessories.”

Lastly Paula used a black a grout pen all over her bathroom walls. 

“I thought it looked okay but I felt something was missing. Grouting. I used a grout pen. You want to over line it and wipe off the excess  So I added grouting. And then this is the final result. 

Paula’s bathroom looked completely different once her DIY project was finished. 

She said: “Some might argue that we spent too much money on our master en-suite. I disagree as it’s now exactly how we wanted it.”

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“However it does mean that the main bathroom is still a building site, and this guest en-suite is not a priority to renovate.”

“So this is a temporary glow-up until we have the money to do it properly! My budget was £200, and this all came to £165, (+£23 as I initially bought the wrong paint).”

“To caveat, the paint has held up really well so far, but this bathroom doesn’t get lots of usage as it’s the guest bathroom.”

“You might need to touch up the paint once in a while if it’s a frequently used shower, but I deliberately chose the external paint as it’s long lasting!”

“If you’re going to use the electric tape, make sure you don’t stretch it as you’re sticking it. Over time it will retract (learn from my mistake)!”

Here’s a breakdown of everything Paula bought: 

  • Shower frame paint: All Coat Exterior Satin in black £23
  • Electrical tape 89p per roll
  • Vinyl floor tiles £17 per pack of 10 30cmx30cm tiles
  • Faux plants £14 for 2
  • Shower caddy £19 for 2
  • Memory foam bath mat £6
  • Grout pens £10 for a pack of 3 pens

Paula’s video gained over 15,000 likes and viewers were very impressed.

One user said: “Amazing! You should be very proud of all your hard work!”

Another said: “These are the kind of makeovers I want to see :D”


Paula did her own grouting and painted her shower frame[/caption]

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