GROCERY store employees have revealed why they don’t stop shoplifters after Walmart recently announced a rise in theft could lead to higher prices.

Theft has not only been an issue for Walmart but retailers across the United States, as shoplifting reached record highs during the pandemic, per the National Retail Federation.


Grocery store employees have revealed why they don’t stop shoplifters[/caption]


Walmart recently announced a rise in theft could lead to higher prices[/caption]

In 2021, retailers hit $94billion in total losses of inventory, according to the NRF.

These losses are mostly being blamed on shoplifting, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A food worker union rep in Washington told WKYT that most of the employees that they represent are advised not to stop shoplifters.

This is because there’s a risk that the employee, shoplifter, and other shoppers could get injured during the altercation, which could also lead to lawsuits.

There’s been a 26.5 percent increase in “organized retail crime,” carried out by groups of people in 2021, according to a survey by the NRF.

And in December of 2022, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told CNBC that “theft is an issue” in its stores.

“It’s higher than what it has historically been,” he said.

If this issue isn’t addressed “prices will be higher, and/or stores will close,” McMillon warned.

Walmart has gone to extensive lengths to combat shoplifters.

One way that the superstore has tried to stop thieves is by hiding its products from hands that could easily swipe the items.

Reddit users claimed on Walmart’s subreddit that the store has started using spider wrap security devices to deal with theft from their meat wall.

“I’ve seen meat spider-wrapped, and that just seems so problematic to me,” read one comment.

“They don’t stack well when wrapped. And does anyone clean the spider wrap?”

Another Walmart customer claimed on Quora, he and his girlfriend had to go through four anti-theft measures to purchase a $2 makeup item that was protected by plexiglass.

The couple had to hit a button on the wall that would then alert a Walmart employee to come and unlock the case.

When the employee came over to help, she took the makeup and locked it in a portable Plexiglass case with an alarm sensor and an ink tag attached.

The couple then had to go to a cashier who had to page a manager to unlock the case, so they can purchase the $2 makeup.

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