A WORKER was let go by Google while on maternity leave but she said it ultimately benefitted the couple.

It’s no secret that Google recently issued mass layoffs, along with other big tech companies.


A couple has said that their firings at Google will help them develop their own business[/caption]

The job cuts were announced in a company-wide memo on January 20, with Google saying it would reduce its workforce by 12,000 workers.

Allie and her husband Steve, who both worked at the tech giant, suffered the same fate as thousands of their peers.

Allie was delivered the news while on maternity leave with the couple’s 4-month-old child, she told Business Insider.

She explained that she had just taken the leave a few weeks prior and planned to continue for about eight months.

Steve had taken his parental leave at the end of 2022 for two months and was planning on taking more starting in March of this year.

The two parents reportedly discovered the news of their firings at the same time.

Despite the abrupt layoff during a major life event, Allie said: “This was the push we needed.”

The couple had been planning to expand their own business for some time.

She explained that they had started White Cube Media back in 2014 but it was mostly something that they worked on when there was time.

Allie said that White Cube Media makes “animated explainer videos” for various companies and corporations.

Allie also noted that the jobs at Google allowed both her and Steve the security and consistency necessary while they continued to develop White Cube Media.

The side work often took up nights, weekends, and vacation time.

With the layoffs, the couple can now pursue their business more than they had been able to before.

“We’re very hard workers,” Allie explained.

“It doesn’t even feel like work for us.”

They also explained to the publication that they had moved to California about three years after starting White Cube Media, when Allie got her position at Google.

Steve then got his job two years later.

The couple told the publication that they worked in different areas at Google and didn’t see each other much.

They still met up for lunches from time to time and went on the company’s bike trails.

Steve was a research and operations manager, while Allie was a marketing manager at the tech company.

The couple has also remained positive about their experiences at Google in face of the layoffs.

Allie said she had “six wonderful years” working at Google and mentioned her approval of the company’s benefits, like the generous maternity leave.

Steve said that Google had invested in their employees.

Not to mention, Allie said that after she had posted an announcement about the couple being laid off, there was an “overwhelming response” from fellow Google staffers and other companies.

Some of those companies even offered jobs, according to Allie.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Google for official comment on the mass layoffs and the couple’s story.

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