GOOD Morning America host Michael Strahan had admitted his tears ricocheted after he couldn’t get tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour.

Back in November, Ticketmaster was under attack after many Swifties could not buy tickets to The Eras Tour.


Michael Strahan admitted her broke down in tears after get couldn’t get Taylor Swift tickets[/caption]


Taylor Swift is embarking on her Eras Tour this March[/caption]

On Tuesday, the Senate held a hearing against the ticketing company to protect fans from outrageous fees and bots in the queue.

GMA covered the hearing with Rachel Scott, ABC’s Senior Congressional Correspondent.

Democrats and Republicans united to say Taylor Swift isn’t the problem,” she said.

“Instead calling out Ticketmaster, and it’s parent company, Live Nation, for widespread outages and hours long wait times, which left many fans empty-handed for the singer’s upcoming tour.”

After talking to some Senators, GMA showed a clip of a Swiftie, who was crying in a Tiktok video because she waited for six hours and could not get tickets.

Using Taylor Swift lyrics and strong and valid evidence, lawmakers criticized Ticketmaster’s CEO for not fixing the problem long before this fiasco.

When the clip ended, Michael admitted that he knew all too well how those fans felt.

“I felt like that young lady when I didn’t get my tickets,” he said.

“You felt that way?” Robin Roberts asked.

George Stephanopoulos laughed as Michael admitted he “Kept it inside.”

“Ok,” Robin said.

“That’s right,” Michael laughed.

He was most likely trying to get tickets for his 18-year-old twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia.

The case remains open, as Senators are allowing Ticketmaster and others to follow up on questions they couldn’t provide answers for.

Senator Klobuchar said that this was just the first step when it came to improving the ticket industry.


On November 15, millions of fans entered the virtual queues to try and see Taylor on tour.

The singer’s last tour was the reputation Stadium Tour in 2018.

She has since put out four albums and two re-recordings.

Even though it was only the sale for verified fans, millions of other fans entered along with a ton of bots, slowing down the website and making tickets sell out quickly.

By the time the verified fans, most of whom were boosted by Taylor’s team, Taylor Nation, got in to buy tickets, the tickets were either completely gone or selling for over $300 for the upper sections.

Ticketmaster had set a limit of six tickets per verified fan/card for the sale, but bots got in and bought more.

The next day, The Capital One presale went the same way, with upset fans giving their blood, sweat, and tears to try and get tickets, but they had no luck once again.

The unprecedented demand made the Anti-Hero singer add more shows to the already planned stadium dates.

Taylor and her team released a statement and made a plan to get more tickets into the hands of Swifties.


Taylor said that she has brought many aspects of her career in house to avoid these kinds of problems and it was hard to trust an outside entity.

The 33-year-old added that she was assured multiple times that Ticketmaster could handle the demand.

She promised more opportunities to get more fans to shows and she delivered.

In December, some fans who were verified, boosted, and did not get tickets during the great war of a presale, received a second opportunity to buy them.

Registration dates opened for each tour date where fans could submit a request for tickets.

They had to select a price range for the show that was assigned to them.

Swifties waited a day or two to find out via email if they received two tickets and many of them were the lucky ones who did.

Taylor kicks of her Eras Tour in March in Glendale, Arizona, and will lurch towards fans’ favorite cities through August.

International dates have yet to be announced.


Michael admitted her kept his emotions bottled up inside[/caption]


The host most likely was trying to get tickets for his 18-year-old twin daughters[/caption]


Taylor provided a second opportunity for verified fans to get tickets[/caption]

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