GMA’s Lara Spencer has celebrated her son’s 21st birthday with a set of sweet new photos after suffering a scary injury.

Lara took to her Instagram account on Tuesday to share a touching birthday tribute to son Duff Haffenreffer.

Her celebratory milestone comes after she suffered an injury that required her to have foot surgery.

The mom of two showcased her son across five different photos, each at a different point in his life.

The first photo showed a young and grinning Duff.

The second one had Lara posing beside her young son, who dressed up in a suit and tie.

In the next photo, an older Duff posed with a rhinoceros.

The last two showed Duff much older but retaining the same grin he had as a child.

Lara captioned her photo set: “This kid is 21 years old!! Happy birthday to my favorite boy in the world. I cannot wait to celebrate with you in person. I love you,” ending her message with a heart emoji.


Meanwhile, last week Lara revealed who she believes to be her “TV twin.”

The morning show host shared a picture with co-star Sam Champion after they both appeared on Thursday’s ABC show.

In it, she could be seen smiling alongside the TV meteorologist while they wore matching clothes: blue tie and dress.

Lara wrote: “My TV twin.”

Fans loved the duo appearing together on GMA on Thursday.

One wrote: “You both are the best…enjoy you both so much on GMA.”

“You two need your own show”, another added.

And others could not help but notice the similarity between the two stars.

“You guys could be sister/brother!!” one said.

Another fan wrote: “Sam Champion not a bad twin to have!”


Last week, Lara showed off her “tricked out” scooter that she’s been using to get around since she had foot surgery.

Since Lara has been using the scooter so much, she decided to get it decked out in decorations.

Lara first showed off her scooter last week, but she revealed on Tuesday that it has since gotten an upgrade.

The host has been using the device to help her get around as she continues to recover from the procedure.

To make sure everyone on the set of GMA, and beyond, knows when she’s wheeling through, a pink bell was added to the handlebar.

Lara demonstrated the new addition in a video on her Instagram Stories.

Along with the bell, she revealed that blue-and-silver tassels were also added, to add some style points to the scooter.

“You’re on a video, Lara,” the person recording the GMA host told her excitedly in the clip.

The injured TV star was dressed in an all-black ensemble as she rested one knee on the scooter, boot in the air, and kept her heeled foot on the ground.

She was all smiles as she rang the bell on the handlebar multiple times, with the guy filming her screaming: “Woo,” in response.

At the end of the video, Lara fluffed up the tassels to flaunt the shimmery decorations to her fans, as well.

“Check out my tricked out ride,” the GMA host captioned the clip.




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