GOOD Morning America stars Amy Robach and TJ Holmes will be “working as a united front” as they face off with ABC executives this week, The U.S. Sun has learned.

A well-placed source told The U.S. Sun that Amy and TJ‘s mediation talks have been officially scheduled in Los Angeles, where their attorneys are headquartered for the tense negotiations.


Amy Robach and TJ Holmes will be in intense talks with ABC top brass this week as they hope to hammer out a settlement[/caption]


The coupled co-hosts have been off the air at the network for two months following news of their alleged affair[/caption]

“There’s a settlement meeting that was just scheduled for later this week,” the insider said.

Amy’s lawyers and TJ’s lawyers are working hand in hand with one another as a united front.”

Last week, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that there would be a mediation set for sometime during this week for the GMA3 hosts and ABC executives.

“The purpose of these talks is to explore possibilities and talk about what is known and what still needs to be determined,” the insider added.

The source said that these sessions will be all-encompassing and the issue of race is likely on the table.

“There is just no guarantee that mediation will be successful,” the insider cautioned.

The tense mediation sessions will be held with the stars’ high-profile attorneys Andrew Brettler and Eric George and ABC’s attorneys and top brass as they hope to hammer out the pair’s exit package.


As one network source previously revealed the coupled-up co-hosts are unofficially out at GMA3 and they’ve been bracing for the worst possible outcome, as the ABC investigation into their inter-office romance drags on into week eight.

The official exit talks come on the heels of a report by the DailyMail that TJ had an alleged affair with yet another woman, this time an ABC employee 13 years his junior, early on in his marriage to estranged wife Marilee Fiebig


A network source said: “ABC’s legal team takes a really long time because it’s a really small, but absolutely trusted team of attorneys.

“They are definitely dotting their Is and crossing their Ts for Amy and TJ’s exit strategy.

“ABC is going to pay a lot of money to make everyone happy and go away very, very quietly.

“There will be iron-clad NDAs signed and everything in their exit contracts will make sure there are no nuclear explosions in the aftermath.

“This whole situation was handled very poorly, and ABC’s legal team has their work cut out for them to make sure everything is just right.”

The source also assured that Disney CEO Bob Iger “will absolutely have eyes on the final packages.”

“They are all working through strategies to make the hosts comfortable enough so that the network can move on from this as quietly as possible,” the source said.


The GMA3 co-hosts recently brought on two high-powered attorneys as they deal with the network. 

On the heels of the co-hosts hiring the lawyers, a close source said: “It certainly sounds like they are out.

“The couple believes there is no scandal, these are two consenting adults, and had they been put back on air over the holidays, this would all be behind them by now, and nobody would care.”

In a call to staffers in early December, ABC News President Kim Godwin said in a call: “After a lot of thought, I am taking Amy and TJ off the air as we figure this out.”

The ABC exec went on to say TJ and Amy’s relationship was “not a violation of company policy,” and that the decision to take them out of their anchor chairs was necessary for the “GMA brand as a whole.”

Amy hired powerhouse attorney Andrew Brettler, while TJ hired Eric George.


TJ and Amy sent shockwaves through the TV world when their relationship was exposed in late November 2022.

The couple, who began anchoring GMA3 together in 2020, allegedly began their romance over the summer, with both claiming they were already separated from their spouses at the time.

They were taken off GMA3 after the public caught wind of their relationship.

A number of hosts have been filling in for them during their time off, including Janai Norman and Gio Benitez.

Since their relationship was made public, Amy and TJ have not kept it hidden.

They were caught kissing and cuddling during a steamy getaway to Miami days after Christmas.

The couple also smiled and looked cozy during a grocery run days later.

TJ filed for divorce from his wife, Marilee Fiebig, late last month in New York after 12 years of marriage.

They have a 10-year-old daughter, Sabine, together.


In late November the public became aware of their alleged affair[/caption]


The coupled-up co-hosts were taken off the air the following week and haven’t been back since[/caption]

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