AN ex-NFL star who hunted and killed a mountain lion has revealed he plans to EAT the animal.

Derek Wolfe, 32, has been criticized for felling the lion with a bow and arrow in rural Colorado.


Derek Wolfe has come under fire for hunting and killing a mountain lion[/caption]

Instagram / derekwolfe_95

The ex-NFL star now claims he will “eating” the cat[/caption]

Wolfe claimed he had been asked to hunt the lion as it had been “wreaking havoc” in a nearby neighborhood.

Two dogs and a mule deer had reportedly been killed by the animal.

After successfully killing it, Wolfe carried the lion back down a mountain to his truck.

And has now revealed its fate in an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

He told ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’: “I’ve been through some tough training camps, brother, but this hunt beat me up bad.

“I’m all cut up and scraped up. I was in full-body cramps.

“Barely made it up there. The cat itself, when we finally got to it, was at 9,600 feet altitude.

“You’re sucking air up that high. I was able to make a good shot, a good ethical shot, and harvested the cat, and got him out of there.

“Did everything by the book. This was completely legal. CPW [Colorado Parks & Wildlife] came down. Checked everything out for me.

And when asked what he planned to do with the cat next, he replied: “I got the meat processed.

“I’m gonna eat that cat.”

NFL fans were quick to comment on social media, with opinion split on the revelation.

One wrote: “A real hunter doesn’t go on TV and parade his kill.”

While another said: “This is disgusting.”

But a third countered: “Good on you! Perhaps if more people were exposed to the realities of country life we’d have a lot less foolishness.”

Wolfe has been shocked by the backlash he has received since news of his hunt broke earlier this week.

He continued to FOX: “I can’t believe what’s happening to me.

“Doing something legal, by the book, they’ve had 200 calls to Colorado Parks & Wildlife trying to turn me in like I did something wrong.

“[I] did nothing wrong. Everything’s legal.”

It’s not the first time that Wolfe has been criticized by animal lovers for hunting.

Last year he killed a 2,000Ibs buffalo before posing with the dead animal and even removing its heart.

The 6ft5 defensive end won the Super Bowl with the Broncos and had 34 sacks across his ten-year NFL career.

He retired in July 2022 and now works as a sports talk radio host for 104.3 in Denver.

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