A RELATIVE of one of the caregivers that looked after a four-year-old girl has broken his silence ahead of the youngster’s funeral.

Alysia Adams, 30, was charged with child neglect in connection with the case of Athena Brownfield, who disappeared in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Athena Brownfield was reported missing on January 10[/caption]


Her care provider Alysia Adams faces allegations of child neglect[/caption]

A man, who claims to be related to Alysia, told News9 that the care provider seemed to be a “healthy and normal” woman but admitted that she “struggled to find herself.”

He said: “A lot of hurt, a lot of insecurities.”

Little Athena was allegedly murdered on Christmas Day and was reported missing on January 10.

Last week, child remains were found but they’ve not been positively identified as belonging to Athena.

Alysia’s husband Ivon, 36, was also arrested on one count of child neglect and faces a first-degree murder charge.

She reportedly told cops that Ivon beat Athena to death before the girl’s body was buried.

A probe is underway and a judge has since issued an order that bans law enforcement from making public comments about the investigation.

Attorney Ed Blau, who isn’t involved in the case, told KOCO: “Gag orders are exceedingly rare, and they generally only occur in the most high-profile of cases.

“Two examples are the Oklahoma City bombing and the Daniel Holtzclaw case.”

Gag orders were ordered in recent investigations such as the case of Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen and the man accused of the Idaho student murders, Bryan Kohberger.

Blau revealed that public interest is a big reason why such orders are issued.

He said: “The most high profile of cases are the ones people see when they turn on the TV, turn on the radio or open up Facebook and Twitter.”

The attorney revealed that judges may issue a gag order if a defendant’s right to a fair trial could be affected.

Blau said: “If you see 15 posts from people you’re friends with on Facebook all saying someone is guilty, it’s hard to say that’s not going to affect you on some level.”

The gag order means that lawyers from both the prosecution and defense will not be able to speak in public.

Athena’s funeral is set to take place in Enid, Oklahoma on Wednesday.

Her family revealed in a heartbreaking obit that the youngster liked to play dress up.

Athena was a fan of Baby Shark and also loved to color.  

They said that she was “joined at the hip” to her sister Adina, five.

Adina was spotted wandering by a mail carrier and has since been put in protective custody.

Athena was allegedly beaten to death and buried by Ivon, court documents obtained by KSWO claimed.

The report claimed that Athena was “not moving” and her eyes “were barely open” after being attacked.

The docs alleged: “He then laid her on the ground and punched her at least three more times in the chest.”

Ivon then reportedly told Alysia that Athena was buried near a fence line close to their ex-home in Rush Springs.

The girls’ biological mother left the sisters in the care of Alysia and Ivon for approximately one to two years, court docs say.


Ivon Adams has been charged with murder[/caption]

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