WEEKS before his tragic death, TikTok star Randy Gonzalez shared his last post with his son, Brice.

The father-son duo with more than 15million followers on the platform shared a short five-second clip back in December.


Randy Gonzalez shared his final TikTok with his son Brice before the father tragically passed from colon cancer[/caption]

Brice could be seen comically yelling at his father, lip-synching along to a popular sound on TikTok.

“When Brice travels from Texas to California,” read the caption.

Gonzalez died on Wednesday in hospice after he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2021 and given two to three years to live, sources close to the family told TMZ.

The viral TikTok star, who shared the account with his adorable son Brice, broke the news of his diagnosis to his followers last April, explaining that doctors gave him a limited time to live.

Gonzalez created a GoFundMe to help pay for his chemotherapy treatment, which could’ve extended his life by five more years.

He gave his 1.4million Instagram followers an update last November, detailing his progress and treatment over the last few months.

Gonzalez and Brice used their social media platforms to spread awareness about colon cancer.

The father-son duo is beloved on social media for their hilarious TikTok and Instagram content.

In the videos, Gonzalez and his son would often do voiceovers or lip-sync to songs and movie clips, among other things.

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