AN eerie link has been revealed between murder suspect Henry Tenon and the ex-wife of slain Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan.

On Wednesday, the Jacksonville Beach Police Department confirmed Tenon’s arrest on multiple charges, including second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, child abuse, and accessory after the fact to a capital felony.

Henry Tenon has been arrested in connection to the murder of Jared Bridegan
Jacksonville Police Department
Jared Bridegan was married to Kirsten Bridegan at the time he was killed
Jared Bridegan/Facebook
Bridegan and his ex-wife Shanna had been divorced in 2016

Authorities believe Bridegan was murdered in “cold blood” in front of his young daughter on February 16, 2022.

Investigators did not release a motive behind the slaying but suspect Tenon “did not act alone,” State Attorney Melissa Nelson said.

Officials also refused to say if they had any information linking him to Bridegan’s ex-wife, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, or her new husband – both of whom had previously been named suspects in the case.

However, public records reveal a link between Bridegan’s ex-wife’s new husband, Mario Fernandez, and murder suspect Tenon.

The same Jacksonville, Florida address is listed for both Fernandez and Tenon.

Reporter Vic Micolucci with News4JAX shared that Tenon had been renting the house from Fernandez.

It is unclear, however, what – if any – relationship the two have.

Fernandez purchased the Potomac Avenue home in 2017.

He then appears to have sold the property in October 2022 to BCEL 8D LLC.


Bridegan, a father of four, was found shot to death on a Florida road after dropping off his twins at his ex-wife’s house in Jacksonville Beach.

The case has long left investigators stumped after it was revealed the Microsoft executive had stopped when he saw a tire in the middle of a secluded stretch of road.

After Bridegan stopped his car to remove the tire from the road, an unknown shooter – who police believe to be Tenon, opened fire and killed the father in cold blood.

Bridegan’s then-two-year-old daughter, Bexley, was inside the vehicle and watched from the back seat.

The traumatized toddler sat in the car near her father’s dead body for three minutes until someone passed by and noticed.

Investigators suspected the father was lured out of his car by his killer.

At the time, his wife, Kirsten Bridegan, was home with their then-seven-month-old daughter, London.


Bridegan and his ex-wife, Shanna, divorced in 2016, but the relationship was in turmoil over finances and custody of their twins.

According to Fox News, Gardner-Fernandez, 35, has since moved 2,800 miles from Florida to West Richland, Washington.

Bridegan’s widow was stunned to learn how far Gardner-Fernandez had moved.

“Honestly, I was shocked,” she told Fox News on Monday.

“First, the twins lost their dad, then they were completely cut off from their own sisters, and now they’re being taken away from their school, friends, their sports teams.

“They are so isolated, and that’s what concerns me,” she added.

Bridegan had custody of his 10-year-old twins every other week, however, after his death, his ex-wife ended all contact with his family, Kristen told the outlet.

“It’s been an added loss,” she told Fox News.

“On top of losing Jared, my children have lost their siblings. I’ve lost my step-kids. I have tried for months and months to make contact and have gotten nowhere.”


Florida officials said Wednesday that the case is active and ongoing.

Authorities described the killing as a “planned, targeted ambush and murder.”

“We hope to have more answers to provide to you, even if it cannot be today,” Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Gene Paul Smith said.

Police are still seeking information relating to the crime.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Jacksonville Beach Police Department at 904-270-1661.

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