DANCING with the Stars alum Cheryl Burke may have been nixed to allegedly replace Len Goodman because of her “outspoken personality,” a source has exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun.

Performers and judges have all been throwing their hats in the ring for the big promotion to the rumored open judge’s seat, and Cheryl may have been turned down because of her “lack of filter.”


Dancing with the Stars alum Cheryl Burke left the show after being declined a spot on the judges panel[/caption]


A DWTS insider claimed producers are saying Cheryl was turned down the promotion because of her outspoken social media platform[/caption]

A DWTS insider told The U.S. Sun: “Cheryl is really liked and respected at the show.

“It is no secret that there is an impasse between her and the executives over her future.”

Cheryl was rumored to have laid down an ultimatum back in November 2022 that she wanted a promotion to the judge’s panel or she would leave the show.

Later, Cheryl announced she was leaving DWTS after an impressive 26 seasons.

The reasons why Cheryl had allegedly been denied Len’s spot have not been confirmed, although Cheryl did confirm in an interview she asked to be a part of the judges’ panel.

The DWTS insider has claimed producers have been talking about why Cheryl was turned down.

“Talk emerging among producers at Disney Plus is that Cheryl’s openness may be a reason behind the non-promotion,” the insider said.

“Cheryl is passionate and leads from the heart, but sometimes her straight-talking has raised eyebrows.

“She has been vocal about her experiences and interactions with producers on the show.”

The source explained: “That approach makes her loved by fans, but in today’s environment on that streaming network, the show wants to stay away from controversy.”

Although Cheryl announced she has departed from the DWTS cast, the insider has shared it may not be the end of the road for the ballroom performer.

The insider claimed: “Cheryl may have said she is walking away from the show, but there is still an offer on the table for a return as a dancer.

“She is viewed as a beloved team member, a key mentor for the other dancers and boasts a unique bond with the fans.”

The source confessed: “There is a space for her as a dancer. She has been told that.”

“What she does next is up to her,” the DWTS insider concluded.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to DWTS producers and Cheryl’s representative for comment.


Cheryl kept her name in the headlines during her time with DWTS and has been outspoken about her opinion of other cast members.

Cheryl has criticized the new host Tyra Banks and has also shared her struggles with a few celebrity partners she’s had through the years describing them as “egotistical narcissists.”

She’s also chosen to be open to her fans about her personal life, speaking freely about her divorce from ex-husband Matthew Lawrence, her past sexual abuse, her recovery from alcoholism and more.

Since departing DWTS, she’s started her own podcast called Diving Deep where she sits down with several other reality stars to talk about overcoming traumas.

After leaving the show, Cheryl made a statement to her fans on her podcast Burke in the Game: “I left the show because I want to grow as a person in my career and personally, to be quite honest.

“I’ve always put a brave face on, but I’ve been even more broken inside.

She concluded: “I’m not broken right now. If anything, it’s quite the opposite.”

Cheryl has not yet publicly hinted at any interest in returning to DWTS as a performer.


Although Cheryl was turned down for a seat on the judges’ panel, others have been rumored to be under consideration including UK Strictly Come Dancing judges Motsi Mabus and Shirley Ballas.

One source claimed Motsi is a favorite choice and could bring a new perspective and much-needed diversity to the table.

The insider previously told The U.S. Sun: “Motsi is a very outspoken and lively character. 

“She is loved on the UK version for being a strong independent mind and someone who stands up for herself.”

The source continued: “She would bring a fresh feel to the show.

“Len has been a huge fan and supporter of her for years, and the casting process is already secretly underway.”

Motsi’s advocate concluded: “The judge’s schedules are planned months in advance – and if Motsi joins, then she would have to balance the UK show too – or even leave.”

DWTS producer Conrad Green will have a hard time considering his several talented options.

The insider claimed the producer’s ultimate decision will come down to the talent’s schedules and the ultimate commitment to be in the US long-term.


However, Motsi has stiff competition from Shirley.

Another source told The U.S. Sun: “Len’s exit leaves a big hole in the panel, but the show team feel Shirley would be a really great addition.

“Her experience is unrivaled and she has made no secret of the fact she’d love to spend more time with her son Mark, who is based in the U.S. with his wife Brittany.

“She could hold both her Strictly job and a new role on Dancing with the Stars – as Len did for years.”

Shirley admitted she’s “struggled” on this year’s Strictly after vicious trolling, having said: “I don’t mind people disagreeing with me… but when the trolling gets to be about your face, your hair, your figure, your bingo wing arms, or your big ears or your eyes…”

However, her spokesman said: “She loves Strictly and working with the BBC, and has no intention of leaving.”


The source claims producers still want her back on the show as a dancer[/caption]


Cheryl has started her own podcast to talk about past traumas, and in the past has criticized DWTS host Tyra Banks and ex-celebrity partners[/caption]


Two UK Strictly Come Dancing judges Motsi Mabuse and Shirley Ballas are under consideration for the alleged open spot replacing Len Goodman[/caption]

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