SHOPPERS have been complaining for years about one very specific product in Costco’s lineup, but it looks like the grocery chain may finally be offering a new and improved option.

Costco’s chief executive officer Craig Jelinek said last week that the company has been updating its milk jugs to be more consumer friendly.


Costco milk jugs have proven difficult to use for shoppers[/caption]

For years, the milk containers have been getting heat from customers frustrated they always spill amid pouring.

While shoppers generally love the selection and bulk value of products in Costco stores, the milk jugs have been a sore subject.

Costco initially made the change to its square-like gallon-sized milk jug packaging in 2008. The new design aimed to be cheaper, easier to ship and above all, more sustainable for the environment.

Generally, the savings in shipping costs and fuel emissions were seen as a positive thing, but pouring without spilling it appeared nearly impossible for even the most loyal Costco customers.

One Redditor expressed their frustration wholeheartedly:

“75% of the time (the milk jugs) leak and leak badly when pouring,” they said. “These seem to be designed without the consumer in mind… I would gladly pay a dime more for better packaging.” 

The complaints have continued since at least 2014.

A few months ago, someone on Reddit brought up the difficult containers again.

“Does anyone actually like these?”

The poster was met with another comment, saying straight up, “They are trash.”

Jelinek cleared up any concerns last week about the commonly disliked product.

His statement came after an investor said:

“Is Costco ever going to get its milk jugs designed so that they don’t dribble down the side of the jug when you pour? I have been complaining about this for 10 years and it is a daily irritant. All other products are so consumer driven.”

Jelinek then shared that Costco has been in the process of fixing its widely known milk jug issue.

“The milk jug is something that we’ve probably been working on for 15 years,” Jelinek said. “In the last four years, we thought we improved it and fixed this problem with our last engineering that we did on the bottle.”

Jelinek said he also hasn’t heard too many complaints lately.

If there are continuing problems Costco shoppers are facing with their milk jugs, it could be a regional issue.

That’s because Costco uses different bottlers depending on where stores are located.

On Reddit, a Wisconsin resident complained the milk jugs were back in stores last year, and other commenters shared that the problematic jugs had never disappeared on both the East and West Coasts.

Moving forward, this will continue to be an issue Costco looks to solve.

“We can certainly look at some of the bottlers and see where the problem may be – if it’s in the container, if it’s how it’s being bottled,” Jelinek said.


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At the moment, there are currently three types of memberships – Gold Star, Business, and Executive. 

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