Mayhem broke out on a Queens street when a speeding SUV careened down a sidewalk and plowed into fruit stand, leaving a woman injured — though it could have been much worse.

Surveillance video shows a white Mercedes-Benz crashing into the fruit vendor on 30th Avenue and 33rd Street in Astoria, after it took out a parking machine. Crates filled with avocados were sent flying into the air, knocking over a woman. Fortunately, the vehicle narrowly missed the victim.

“Something white just flowing 100 mph. It was insane,” said Ahem Faid, the manager of United Brothers Fruit Markets who was right by the door as the SUV whizzed by.

Seconds before speeding by the grocery story, the driver of the vehicle hopped onto the sidewalk with the car, as another woman was just able to dodge the speeding car.

“She just moved to the side, otherwise she would be under his car,” said Faid.

Paramedics rushed to the scene around 1:30 p.m. Monday. Others had run over to help the injured woman, who was flat on her back but still responsive and conscious. It was not immediately clear what condition the victim was in.

About a mile from the fruit market, on 57th Street and 31st Avenue, the Mercedes later crashed into a police. The NYPD arrived at the store later in the evening, assisting with the New York State Police investigation.

State police did not say why they were after the person in in the SUV, or if anyone had been brought into custody.

“When I see the car go this way, I look and I see all f the mess, you know. There was a big mess over here. A big mess,” said Tom Kourkoumelis, the owner of the store, who now has to deal with damage and repairs that he said would cost thousadns.

The manager added that he hoped the injured woman would recover.

“The car was coming this way and she falls down over there, and then the ambulance come and take her away,” he said.

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