Category: Embargoes and Sanctions

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Economic Headwinds Mount as Leaders Weigh Costs of Confronting Russia

Top economic officials are gathering this week to discuss how to keep pressure on Vladimir V. Putin without sinking their economies.

Poor Countries Face a Mounting Catastrophe Fueled by Inflation and Debt

Russia’s war in Ukraine is combining with a global tightening of credit and an economic slowdown in China to sow misery in low- and middle-income countries.

Yellen Calls on Europe to Boost Ukraine Aid

The Treasury secretary warned that Ukraine did not have enough funding to sustain its government and fend off Russia.

At a German Hideaway, Oligarch Villas Challenge a ‘Silent Contract’

Tegernsee, a luxury getaway in Bavaria, is known for quietly hosting the superrich. But war in Ukraine has divided locals about whether the authorities should go after the assets of…

Sanctions Shed Light on Putin’s Private Life

As Western nations place sanctions on people close to the Russian leader, including family members, the strict secrecy surrounding his private life is being punctured.