BROCK Purdy continues to prove the doubters wrong as he prepares to lead the San Francisco 49ers to the Conference Championship.

The final player taken in the 2022 NFL Draft, also known as Mr. Irrelevant, Purdy, 23, has had his doubters since day one.


Purdy was drafted 262nd overall[/caption]

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He has won eight straight games heading into the Conference Championship[/caption]

After entering his rookie season as the San Francisco 49ers‘ third choice, behind second-year first-round pick Trey lance and veteran Jimmy Garoppolo, Purdy was thrust into the limelight in Week 13.

With both Lance and Garoppolo injured, it was up to Purdy to step up and lead this Super Bowl-caliber team.

Since then, he hasn’t looked back, winning all eight games including their Wild Card and Divisional matchups.

Now an NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year finalist, Purdy also became the first rookie to rack up four touchdowns in a playoff game (against the Seattle Seahawks), per

Purdy is also one of just five starting rookie quarterbacks to make it to a Conference Championship game, and he could become the first ever to reach a Super Bowl.

But not everyone believed he could make such an impact in the NFL.

According to a recent report from The Athletic, one team’s pre-draft report on Purdy failed to give the Iowa State product a grade, instead writing in all capital letters: “NO INTEREST”

This scathing remark was the tip of the iceberg when it came to Purdy’s report from this unnamed team.

The article continues to state that per the report, Purdy “Did not test well, limited athlete that has a maxed out body.

“Very mature and experienced. Threw it ok.”

Purdy’s “maxed out body” was clearly a concern, with the coach who initially wrote the report telling The Athletic: “[Purdy] jumped 27 inches, which is terrible.

“He ran a 4.85 (4.84). He’s got short arms, like really short, and he’s got small hands. He’s 6-1, and his arm is OK.

“The twitchiness just wasn’t really there. His short shuttle was OK —4.45 — that’s not outstanding.”

And given that Purdy fell to the very last spot in the draft, it seems a safe bet to assume these concerns were likely league-wide.

Despite these supposed physical shortcomings, Purdy has shone for the 49ers and, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Silver, he seems to have sealed himself the starting role for next season.

However, Purdy is unlikely to have given his role next season much of a thought just yet, with a trip to the Philadelphia Eagles for a berth at the Super Bowl a matter of days away for Mr. Irrelevant.


Purdy is an NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year finalist[/caption]


MVP favorite Jalen Hurts now stands in between Purdy and a Super Bowl appearance[/caption]

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