A WOMAN and her unborn child’s life have both been saved by her Apple Watch.

Jesse Kelly, a 39-year-old, had been lying in bed pregnant when her Apple Watch sent her an alert, Phone Arena reported.


A woman and her unborn child’s life have both been saved by her Apple Watch.[/caption]

The notification told her that her heart rate was extremely elevated at 120 beats per minute.

“I had been laying in bed … not feeling well,” Kelly said in a statement to local media.

“I didn’t know if it was my morning sickness coming back my third trimester or if it was because I was getting my son’s stomach flu,” she added.

She noted that because she hadn’t been engaging in any sort of activity, she found the alerts odd.

However, the alerts didn’t stop, Kelly said, adding that her Watch went off again 10 minutes later and then a half hour later.

“When it went off the third time, I thought OK something is going on,” Kelly, who was a few weeks before her due date, said.

After taking heed of the alerts, Kelly decided to drive herself to the hospital.

“I literally thought I was going to die, she said. “There were so many doctors and stuff in there.”

When she arrived, she found out that not only was she in labor, but she had very low blood pressure.

What’s more, she was bleeding due to her placenta separating from the inner wall of the uterus.

When this happens before birth, it can prevent the baby from getting oxygen.

Thankfully, Kelly was able to give birth to a healthy child three hours later.

Following the frightening experience, the new mom had a piece of advice for others with Apple Watches.

“Listen to it. It’s not just a text message to help you find your phone. It’s to pay attention to it and listen to your body.”

This is just one of several ways that an Apple Watch can help to save lives.

The device also comes equipped with car crash detection, which alerts authorities to car accidents.

Emergency Siren is another brilliant feature of the Apple Watch Ultra.

This feature emits a loud 86-decibel siren when you activate it that can be heard from up to 600ft away.

“An 86-decibel siren is designed for emergencies, should users become lost or injured, and can help draw attention to a location,” Apple explained

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