THE disgraced Tate brothers will be grilled by police again today over their phone and computer records.

Andrew and Tristan are being held in custody until the end of February as part of a probe into rape, human trafficking, and organised crime.


Andrew Tate was arrested in December as part of a human trafficking probe[/caption]


Police officers escort Andrew, right, handcuffed to his brother Tristan[/caption]

The pair were taken to Romania’s organised crime unit for questioning

Police are examining the electronic equipment seized during the probe[/caption]

On Thursday morning, the handcuffed pair were bundled into a police van and taken to Romania’s organised crime unit in Bucharest for a second day of questioning.

It’s understood prosecutors are combing through Andrew and Tristan’s electronic equipment that was seized as part of the probe.

As Tristan was escorted out of the van, handcuffed to Andrew, he yelled: “What evidence is there against us? 

“That should be the news of the day.”

It comes after the brothers spent several hours at the police station on Wednesday.

As they arrived, whinging Andrew said: “They know we have done nothing wrong. This file is completely empty.

“Of course it’s unjust, there is no justice in Romania unfortunately.”

Asked whether he has hurt women, he said: “Of course not.”

Tristan also fumed: “There is no evidence against me.

“The authorities are planning to steal my cars and steal my money. That is why I am in jail.”

A body language expert said toxic Andrew swaggered like he was on Big Brother as he arrived.

Andrew and his brother were arrested in December after their luxury Romanian mansion was raided by police.

They are accused of luring women back to their villa, where at least six were reportedly forced to perform in adult videos that were then sold online.

As part of the wide-ranging probe, cops seized Andrew’s car collection – estimated by police sources to be worth around £6million.

Among the seized cars there is a blue Rolls Royce Wraith estimated at £310,000 and a McLaren 765LT worth up to £410,000.

The vehicles have been taken to an undisclosed location.

Former cop Luana Alexandra Radu, one of two alleged female accomplices held as part of the same probe, also arrived at DIICOT with the brothers on Wednesday, according to reports.

All four suspects are currently being held in prison in Romania after a judge ruled they must remain in custody until February 27.

Their lawyers deny all charges against them.

Andrew initially gained fame after a short-lived appearance on Big Brother.

He was dumped from the reality show after alleged footage of him beating a woman emerged online.

Andrew – supported by his brother – then spent years creating a warped empire promoting toxic worldviews which has infected legions of fans through TikTok.

Masquerading as lifestyle advice, much of the content is actually highly sexist and promotes violence against women.

His influence has had a worrying spread amongst teenage boys, with one UK MP saying he is “brainwashing” children.

Tate and his brother are alleged to have used the “loverboy” method to recruit women for their webcam business.

It is claimed they would strike up relationships with the women before moving them to their compound and webcam studio in Romania.

DIICOT claims the women would be compelled to perform webcam shows through “physical violence and mental coercion”.


Andrew leaves the police station on Wednesday after being questioned[/caption]


Tristan speaks to reporters outside Romania’s organised crime and terrorism unit[/caption]

Andre Tate

Andrew Tate’s car collection has been seized[/caption]

Andrew was arrested after ranting about Greta Thunberg

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