AMAZON’s latest bid to enter the healthcare industry might be its most effective yet – Prime members will now be able to order unlimited prescription medications for a monthly fee. 

Amazon has long tried to get involved in the healthcare industry, providing customers with rapid shipping, one of its trademark features. 


RxPass is a new Amazon service that delivers medications quickly and effectively[/caption]

The new membership is called RxPass and is available for Prime members. 

It costs $5 dollars a month. 

Per an Amazon statement: “Amazon today announced RxPass, a new Prime membership benefit from Amazon Pharmacy that offers patients affordable access to commonly prescribed generic medications that treat more than 80 common health conditions.”

“With RxPass, Prime members can receive all of their eligible medications for one flat, low monthly fee of $5, and have them delivered free of charge.”

While everyone is able to use Amazon Pharmacy, a service where you can create a profile and make acquiring medications easier, RxPass is exclusively for Prime members. 

Amazon Pharmacy launched in 2020, and it provides users with common medications that take a day or two to deliver. 

Andy Jassy, the chief executive officer of Amazon, shared the news of RxPass on his Twitter.

“Nearly half of adults take 2 or more medications daily & many find it hard to afford them,” wrote Jassy. 

“Am excited about launching RxPass to help.

“For just $5 a month, Prime members can fill all their eligible medications (shipping included, no hidden fees or markups).” 

Aside from the short wait, RxPass claims it can deliver prescriptions for insurance medications. 

Amazon also says that they have discounts for patients who aren’t insured. 

There are few exceptions to the service, including people with Medicare or Medicaid and residents of states like California, Texas, and Washington, where there are requirements for prescription drug deliveries. 

While the feature certainly makes medication more accessible, some users were upset over the fact that the company is still charging a fee

Others were upset that the service is not included in the standard Prime membership. 

“Should be available to prime members without the additional fee,” wrote someone on Twitter. 

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