KAILYN Lowry from Teen Mom has fans playing Where’s Waldo with her mystery child.

After months of speculation about Kailyn being pregnant, her fans did a 180 and started seeing signs that she’s had the baby already.

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There’s a rumor that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant, and she’s already had the baby[/caption]

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Fans have found all the clues that prove she’s had a fifth child[/caption]

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The Teen Mom already has four sons with three different men[/caption]

Kailyn has not confirmed that she had a fifth child or wanted another one, but it’s hard to ignore all of the clues on her social media.

At the end of November, she started showing signs that she was about to have a baby.

For the last two weeks of November, the Teen Mom ditched her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama and all of the responsibilities that go with it.

Vee Rivera, Kailyn’s co-host, explained away her absence by saying Kailyn was taking a break to spend more time with her four boys.

After hearing this announcement, a fan said: “Obviously, she’s out for the arrival of baby Elijah. Along with the acrylic nails she took off yesterday, this tracks for the baby being born in the next week or so.”

Kailyn also revealed what could be the baby’s nursery by sharing a new colorful Super Mario mural in her home.


The first clue that the Teen Mom gave birth came from a video where fans were convinced that they could hear a newborn in the background.

One wrote: “That is 10000% a baby. I remember that sound because it was the ‘quiet’ part of having a baby around.”

Right before Christmas, another clue came in from a post on Kailyn’s Instagram stories.

Eagle-eyed fans zoomed in on the post and spied what some fans think was a baby swing behind her head.

When she returned to her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama this year, she admitted to not having sex for several months.

Kailyn said: “I personally haven’t had sex for like three months,” she confessed before revealing she used to engage multiple times a week.

“I just think that’s not always realistic, especially when there are kids involved.”

Fans thought that comment may be a sign that she’s been too busy with the new baby to get busy with her baby daddy.

Another clue came when Kailyn was talking about her plants and said how she and the plant can’t stop having babies.

She said: “And then this girl, she just keeps having babies. She’s like me in plant form.”

Then, over the weekend, Kailyn dropped what fans call the “most convincing” clue yet.

The MTV star shared that she was “cleaning out” her kitchen cabinets of mugs gifted by her exes.

Her dirty-blonde hair was done up in a bun while she wore a low yellow top and faced the camera, saying she was making more room for “new glasses.”

She humorously rated the mugs from her former baby daddies and one “baby father” in her words, based on their caffeine efficiency from 1 to 10.

Behind her kitchen and over by her TV in her $750K Delaware home, her kids were sitting by what appeared to be a grey infant mobile.

Just days later, the U.S. Sun obtained exclusive photos of the former Teen Mom 2 star running errands in Delaware.

In the pictures, Kailyn appeared to have lost weight, as she showed off a more slimmed-down figure. 

The podcast host wore a loose-fitting graphic t-shirt with black pants and sneakers for the outing. 



Teen Mom fans buzzed with speculation after spotting a baby bottle in a video[/caption]

Fans accused Kailyn of giving up her secret in a video of her son Creed.

The former MTV star shared a clip on her Instagram Stories which showed a person snatching a baby bottle from the frame.

Although it happened fast, fans took notice.

In the video, Creed adorably tested a pair of pink ice globes, which are freezable wands meant to be used for massaging the face or other body parts.

Kailyn and other voices were heard asking the tot for his feedback on the self-care tools as he rubbed the product on his face.

Many viewers, however, were distracted after immediately spotting a baby bottle on the coffee table behind him.

Seconds into the video, a hand quickly snatched the bottle from view, along with other products on the table. 

The clip circulated on a popular Teen Mom forum where fans discussed the mishap. 

“At this point she’s trolling, there’s a fifth kid everyone let’s move on,” one person commented.

“That’s definitely a Medela breast pump bottle,” someone else concluded.

“She definitely had that person in the background move the bottle on purpose so people would notice. She’s so transparent,” a third theorized.

While others thought the bottle might have belonged to Creed, given he is only two years old. 

“I’m Team no baby. I think Creed still occasionally has a bottle (isn’t he only two?) and that’s why they’re out here and there. Also that little man looks 100% like his mum!” a fan wrote.

“It’s definitely on purpose, whether she has a baby or not,” another said.

“Kail, you’re not a Kardashian. Get over yourself,” a third accused, referencing Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian‘s secret pregnancies and baby reveals. 

While a fourth said they were “exhausted” by the months-long baby rumors surrounding the Teen Mom 2 alum.


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Kailyn furthered speculation with a seemingly telling piece of jewelry[/caption]

Fans speculated that Kailyn accidentally revealed the birth of a fifth child on Instagram during a live session with fans.

In the video, the star had on a necklace featuring a gold circle with the word “mom” on the inside.

The necklace had five charms hanging along the bottom edge, leading fans to believe they represented five children.

Kailyn addressed commenters claiming the necklace was a clue, saying: “Those who think the necklace is a dead giveaway, actually it’s not.

“Because I also have five letters on my killer necklace so no, it’s actually not a dead giveaway but if you all want me to I’ll just do this,” Kailyn slammed, moving her necklace to the back and out of the camera shot.


Not long before the necklace “clue,” fans were buzzing about an apparent baby shower registry online.

One follower went on an investigative mission via The Bump registry website where they searched the reality star’s name.

Though nothing surfaced from the initial search, the user then tried the name of the TV personality’s nanny Natalie, paired with the last name of her baby daddy, Scott.

With the combination, the fan could find a registry underneath the moniker, filled with hot baby items.

The fan page run by Kitty Jakers then shared the news on her own Instagram profile, posting a screenshot of the potential registry.

She captioned the post: “PLEASE READ. One of my followers was on this baby registry website looking at a relative’s registry. 

“She decided to put Kail’s name in and nothing came up. She figured she would put the nanny in with Elijah’s last name and a registry came up for a Natalie Scott. 

“I’m not saying 100% that this is Kail’s baby registry, and neither is my follower, but there IS a chance that it is,” she closed.



Kailyn has been sharing more full body photos recently and fans suspect it’s because she’s slimmed down after giving birth[/caption]

Several fans have noticed that Kailyn appears significantly thinner as of late.

She recently shared a rare full-body photo alongside her son Lincoln, showing off her figure.

With one arm wrapped around Lincoln, Kailyn appeared to be holding a keychain in her other hand.

She captioned the post: “Game Time.”

The MTV mom wore a tight black sweater that promoted her podcast, Baby Mamas, No Drama, on the front.

She appeared significantly slimmer in the snap, which she shared after revealing she lost weight in a recent episode from her podcast.

She told co-host Vee, 31, on the show: “I’m losing a little weight, so that’s getting better.”


Baby buzz picked up after Kailyn shared videos from a celebration of son Isaac’s birthday with his dad Jo Rivera and his stepmom Vee.

In the sweet clip, the youngster – who will turn three this July – wore a Spiderman pajama top with a shiny black jacket and a matching hat as he sang and danced to the track Bad.

Creed – whose father is Chris Lopez – was stood in the living room and there was a huge flatscreen TV on the wall behind him and underneath was a glass panel fireplace.

It was in the reflection of this glass panel that eagle-eyed fans think they saw a baby bottle.

Taking to Reddit, one person shared a screengrab of the reflection and wrote alongside it: “Hi folks! I said I’d quit with the BabyKail#5 proof. But I’m back. This time it’s a baby bottle in her fire place glass. Clear as day.”

Others quickly commented on the thread as one person said: “that sure isn’t a sippy cup! Could be a bottle or could be a bottle of lotion with a pump top. I’m leaning towards those new bottles (yellow tops).”

Posting a photo of some bottles, another person wrote: “Looks like it could be either of these 2 or a bottle of Jergans lotion. I feel like she’s just trolling at this point.”

“Yea it looks a lil sus,” a third person claimed, as another replied: “I didn’t think it looked like a baby bottle either. But then a couple other peeps in here posted pics of the bottles that come with breast pumps.

“The item in OP’s post photo looks identical to one of those, high profile nipple & all lol. Just for what it’s worth,” they added.

“I totally think she had another baby but that looks like a bottle of lotion with a pump dispenser,” someone else wrote.

“Looks like a medela breastfeeding bottle. I’m not positive, but I used the same ones,” another person claimed.

A different Reddit user argued: “The more people stop talking about this, the more likely she is to finally reveal the baby. She’s keeping it a secret because look at all the attention she’s getting, all the posts about finding a baby item. Literally stop so she stops.”

And another accused: “She’s trolling for attention, again. Doesn’t it get exhausting at some point or does her ego never cease to be tired.”

Other fans refused to believe that Kailyn has given birth to a fifth child, as one said: “Is this still a thing? Who cares at this point! She clearly is playing you guys. There is no baby.”


Kailyn is already a mom to four sons from three different baby daddies.

She shares two-year-old Creed and five-year-old Lux with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, nine-year-old Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and 12-year-old Isaac with Jo Rivera.

Fans hope that if she has baby number five, Kailyn will finally have a girl.

Fans saw a baby mobile behind Kail’s head
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Photos emerged earlier this year of her looking pregnant at a gas station[/caption]

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This week, Kail was photographed looking much thinner[/caption]

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