RAIVEN Brown has revealed her newborn son’s scary medical diagnosis as the infant continues to battle health complications in the NICU.

The Alaskan Bush People stars have begged fans for prayers as they navigate their son’s rare condition.


Raiven revealed her son’s name to be Cove Gabriel[/caption]


She and Bear have asked for fan prayers amid his recovery in the NICU[/caption]

Now Raiven, 23, has revealed her newborn’s name and given fans an update from the hospital.

The reality star took to her Instagram profile on Tuesday night to share a snap of her little one bundled in blankets and outfitted with a breathing tube.

The tiny tot lay sleeping with a binky in his mouth as he continued his recovery in the NICU.

Raiven captioned her post with a lengthy message about her son, named Cove Gabriel Caden Brown, and his current health status.

“Cove Gabriel Caden Brown. 7lb 15oz. 01/20/2023. Cove was born with premature infant lung disease. He has done so so well and is hopefully going to have a short stay at the nicu,” she explained.

“Being born at 38 weeks and having this isn’t as common but unfortunately he is one of those cases. I can’t wait to have both my boys at home.”

Raiven continued: “River being premature with his complications (placental abruption) weren’t surprising. But cove being full term and having a random thing like this happen is frustrating!

“I was so excited and proud to have made it full term. But I am just so grateful he has been doing so well despite everything.

“Thank you for everyone’s prayers and kind words. We are so very blessed and won’t ever forget it,” she concluded.


Over the weekend, the young mom shared a snapshot of her second child in her Instagram Story. 

In the black-and-white photo, the infant’s foot appeared to be bandaged while a bunch of tubes covered his legs.  

In the following Story, the ABP alum captioned the post: “Baby is showing some promising signs,” and added a blue heart emoji.


After giving birth, Raiven expressed her worries for the toddler’s health.

The star recently asked her followers to pray for the newborn baby while he was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“It was my scheduled C-section. We decided this was the best option due to risks and my firstborn being a C-section,” Raiven explained at the time.

“Unfortunately, he has a few things going on. So he is in the NICU.”

Raiven continued: “It’s so difficult making it to 38 weeks and baby boy going to the NICU like his big brother.”

Although she feared for the child’s well-being, Raiven said she was “so grateful to have yet again a wonderful son.”

The TV personality promised to share “his name and further pictures once baby boy is more stable.”


After re-sharing the baby news, Raiven’s baby daddy and husband Bear Brown hoped “for a speedy recovery and to be able to take” his second son “home soon.”

He also gushed about his partner: “Raiven did an amazing job! 

“I don’t think a man can ever truly realize what a woman goes through!”

The 35-year-old went on: “Sure we know it’s hard, but we can never fully grasp the difficulties that every mother has been through! 

“I could NOT be more proud of Raiven!”

He continued: “She is so strong, so brave, and so unstoppable!!! The strength of a mother is amazing! Thank you, Raiven! You are the best!”

Raiven and Bear already share a two-year-old son River
Instagram/bearbrownthekingofextremeAlaskan Bush People star Bear Brown’s wife Raiven gives birth to

Raiven underwent a scheduled c-section with her second child[/caption]


She shared updates from the NICU[/caption]

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