AN anonymous generative image artist has made waves on the internet for using AI to visit prehistoric periods.

Known as Stelfie the Time Traveller, the social media presence even has art that can be bought as an NFT.


Stelfie made a stop in ancient Egypt during his ‘time travels’[/caption]


Just barely, Stelfie made it out of the dinosaur era[/caption]


He even got to have Viking-era fun[/caption]

A process called Stable Diffusion allowed Stelfie to generate images from time periods like Ancient Egypt, and The Dinosaur or Mesozoic Era, according to ArsTechnica.

Stable Diffusion enables most modern computers to create an elaborate image of whatever vivid phrase it gets fed through deep image learning.

It has split art and tech communities, some creatives excited by the topic and others terrifed, the outlet reported.

Still, Stelfie used this technology to visually create momentos of his travels through the ice age, ancient Greece, the golden era of the wild West, the creaton of the Mona Lisa, and running from a dinosaur.

His online accounts are have short bursts of writing from the perspective of a middle-aged time tourist.

Don’t be so quick to believe that the man in the photos is the one behind the keyboard.

The artist behind Stelfie the Time Traveller spilled that they use Stable Diffusion 1.5, ArsTechnica said.

There is also an AI made special for generating the background, and another just for the character’s ambiguous dude face.

You can even buy Stelfie imagery as an NFT, though whether that is cool or cringey is in the eye of the beholder.

Anybody with the right tech and the tiniest bit of digital savvy can generate their own images, so the possibilities of future AI-created imagery that can make waves is limitless.

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