IT’S been nearly 10 years since Jodi Arias was convicted of killing her devout Mormon ex-boyfriend in a case that quickly became a media spectacle.

Travis Alexander was found dead at his apartment in Mesa, Arizona, in June 2008 with a bullet in his head and 27 stab wounds.


Jodi Arias was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008[/caption]

Jodi Arias/ Myspace

Arias converted to Mormonism for Alexander, who was religious. They had an on-and-off relationship for several years[/caption]

Investigators turned their attention to Arias, who had reportedly become obsessed with Alexander through their on-and-off romantic relationship.

She had converted to Mormonism for Alexander, who was religious, but he didn’t think she was the one for him.

Arias claimed she killed Alexander in self-defense, but was convicted on first-degree murder charges in 2013. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole two years later.

Sick photos

In Alexander’s apartment, investigators found a camera with some disturbing photos hidden in the washing machine.

A few of them showed him and Arias having sex on the day he was killed and Alexander standing naked in the shower.

Moments later, a picture was taken which showed the victim laying on the bathroom floor with blood rushing from his throat.

Investigators say the laceration was so deep that he was nearly beheaded.

Bloodstained towels 

The jury was also shown pictures of bloody towels found in the apartment.

Investigators believe Arias used them in attempt to clean up the crime scene.

They were also found in the washing machine, along with the camera and some bloody clothing.

Pal claims

In the wake of the killing, some of Alexander’s friends said they had already been concerned about Arias’ behavior.

They described her as a stalker with a short temper. When Alexander went to the bathroom, Arias would stand by the door and wait for him.

She was deeply possessive and would raid Alexander’s inbox for personal emails with other people, some of which she forwarded to herself.

“Travis, I’m afraid we’re gonna find you chopped up in her freezer,” his friend Chris Hughes said before Alexander’s death.

Twisted story

Arias changed her story about what happened to Alexander several times.

First she said she hadn’t seen him that day. Later, she claimed two men came to the apartment and killed Alexander.

Arias finally settled on a self-defense claim. She said the killing came after several years of intense domestic abuse.

DNA left at the scene

Although Arias made some efforts to clean up the crime scene, she still left DNA evidence.

Investigators found a bloody palm print in a hallway which had DNA belonging to both Arias and Alexander.

While much of the evidence in this case was circumstantial, this definitively tied Arias to the crime scene.

Maricopa County Police Department

Alexander was killed in his bathroom, which was covered in blood[/caption]

Maricopa County Police Department

DNA evidence Arias left at the apartment definitively linked her to the homicide[/caption]

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