ALDI is not only a cheap budget grocery store but also sells other households’ essentials – with a super-shopper revealing nearly three dozen items to buy.

TikToker Katie Kelly posted some of her favorite items that she came across during a recent shopping run.

TikTok @bitsbitesblog

Influencer Katie Kelly reveals some recent finds at Aldi[/caption]

TikTok @bitsbitesblog

20-pound slam ball[/caption]

Known on the channel as “bitsbitesblog, she showed off 32 different options that Aldi had at her local store.

Some of the items range from socks to food including Italian toast, a workout bench, among others.

As always keep in mind that prices can vary by location.

1. Food

Food fans will want to check out a few items, which are as follows.

  • Pork and chicken egg rolls: 3.99
  • Asian noodle kits: $6.99
  • Seasoned Italian toasts: $1.99
  • Smoothie mixes: $7.99
  • Vegetable lasagna: $6.49

Some of these are great deals at Aldi.

Pork and chicken egg rolls, for example, could sell for more than $4 at Target and as high as $8.

2. Workout

For those looking for affordable gym equipment, Aldi might be worth taking a look at.

  • 12-pound body vest: $19.99
  • 12-pound body vest: $19.99
  • 20-pound slam ball: $19.99
  • Workout leggings/sweatshirts: $14.99
  • Adjustable Workout bench: $79.99

Weight sets can reach up to $300, but there are only three pieces included in Aldi’s, keep in mind.

The price for this workout bench is also impressive, as most workout benches will be at least $100, depending on what you need.

3. Personal Items

Some other finds included some apparel items.

  • Socks $3.99
  • Quilts $29.99
  • Nightgown 14.99

Socks at Target could range from $1.50 to $9, depending on what you’re looking for.

4. Bedding

Some comforters can get really pricey, but Aldi offers a velvet varriety for $39.99.

In addition, Katie came across sheet sets for $17.99 and Throws for $19.99.

Sheet sets are known to be a pricey item to have to restock on and Aldi’s is making it more affordable than ever.

And lastly, for the bedroom section, Katie saw Luxury decorative pillows for $14.99.

Decorative pillows are usually priced anywhere from $25-$60.

5. Kitchen

Coffee and tea fans are also in luck, as Katie saw several products including:

  • Sugar/tea containers: $6.99
  • Coffee mugs: $6.99
  • Coffee storage: $9.99
  • 14-cup programmable coffee maker: $39.99
  • Electric tea kettle: $18.99
  • Insulated Carafe: $14.99
  • French press: $12.99
  • Milk frother: $5.99
  • Stainless steel cup for milk: $7.99

Espresso machines will sometimes not come with a stainless steel cup to froth your milk so this is a super handy item to sell separately.

6. Furniture

And here are some furniture items:

  • Accent cabinet $89.99
  • Chrome shelf $59.99
  • Reversible shadow box sign $4.99

Chrome shelves range from $40 to $70 at Target depending on tier amount.

And globe lamps are advertised between $29.99 and $150 at Target, depending on what best fits your needs.


Keeping up with Aldi’s finds can be a great way to save money on groceries or personal items as inflation continues to skyrocket.

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