Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
A BEAUTY lover has gone viral after sharing an easy hack for an instant face lift – but people are totally divided.

The cost-of-living crisis and the soaring inflation has forced many to be on the lookout for cheap hacks that will save them money – and those who live and breathe all things hair and beauty are no exception.

The face lift hack has totally divided the opinion on social media – so what do you think?
The woman insisted she doesn’t get any headaches from doing this

Fortunately, offering a helping hand, one woman has revealed how she achieves a face lift in just seconds with two inexpensive items.

The make-up and beauty enthusiast, Julianna Freso (@juliannafresko), shared the simple trick on TikTok, leaving the social media users completely divided.

According to her, as she demonstrated in a video, all you need is a tiny clear hair elastic and a face lift kit, which is available on Amazon.

Posing in a blue top with a middle hair parting, Julianna first took two tiny strands of hair just above her ear and made a thin plait – this process was then repeated on the other side as well.

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The beauty lover, who has more than a whopping 640,000 followers on her profile, then attached the face lift kit to one of the plaits and pulled both sides behind her head.

For maximum effect, pull it as tightly as possible – and in a follow-up clip, Julianna claimed she didn’t get any headaches from this.

”The difference,” she captioned the video, which has racked up close to 3million views in just a week’s time.

But whilst Julianna, who uses the only on special occasions where she wants to look ”flawless”, couldn’t get over at the ”difference” it had made, people on the internet were of a slightly different opinion.

Not only did many claim the influencer looked the same in both the Before and After shots, but that the technique would lead to hairloss over time.

One person warned: ”Don’t do that, your hair will fall off and won’t grow back so you will get bold spots!!

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”My mom did this every day and now regrets it a lot!!!”

Another added: ”Say hello to alopecia by traction…”

There were also plenty of those who pointed out that this will do more harm than good to your skin, causing premature wrinkles.

”doing this everyday can micro stretch the skin over time resulting in less elasticity by the temples and eyes,” a TikTok user penned.

”The headache,” a fourth jotted.

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Nonetheless, it wasn’t all negative feedback, as a supportive viewer thanked Julianna for sharing the hack.

”this is utter genius. pls tell us where you bought those and how do you attach in the back?”

Many pointed out this would lead to hair loss over time
Others claimed they weren’t able to see any difference

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